Longyin Le MĂ©ridien Dubai

Longyin Le MĂ©ridien Dubai

How it feels: Dubai really lacks quality Chinese restaurants. Fortunately, Longyin is a real gem of Gahud. Although it feels very far away for those of us living in New Dubai, once you get rid of the psychological barrier, it is not so far away…

What does it look like: There is a real lack of quality Chinese restaurants in Dubai. Thankfully, Longyin is a real gem of Garhoud. Although it feels far away for those of us living in New Dubai, once you get rid of the psychological barriers, it is not so far away-for the food here, driving is very worthwhile. One of Le Meridien’s stable restaurants is quite full even on weekdays and the open-air terrace on the left side of the hotel entrance has a real atmosphere, so please use it when the weather permits. The menu is extensive, from individual dim sum selections, soups, appetizers and salads to main dishes that include all classic Chinese dishes, such as sweet and sour chicken, beef in oyster sauce, etc.

One thing that is really hard to find is the great crispy Peking duck, but Long Yin has a sleeve-they even provide a waiter to chop it up and roll it into spring rolls for you, because you gobble up the table as soon as you touch them. But be aware that it’s easy to fill these up before you have the main course. There are two of the four dim sums to choose from, and all the appetizers are quite large in size.

The main dish, five-spice crispy lamb is enough for two people, just right. The crispy crust hides a mouthful of lamb that melts in the mouth, as well as side dishes such as Sichuan seasonal vegetables and prawn fried rice. Although delicious, they are expansive. . Rice may need more seasoning, but vegetables give them a refreshing feeling.

Desserts offer Asian and European choices, from fruit platter to caramel pudding, although after tasting the delicious salty taste, we have no place to put desserts, so we chose not to order any.

If you want to: The approximate price for a dinner for two is Dh400, excluding drinks. Dial 04-2170000.

Most suitable: A relaxing and affordable date night

– Georgina Wilson-Powell

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