Can A Diabetic Eat Mayonnaise?

Can a diabetic eat Mayonnaise?

M ayonnaise is a popular condiment that goes well with many types of foods. One serving of mayonnaise gives you about 90 calories. A diabetic can eat mayonnaise in small quantity. For example, a diabetic can eat just about one serving of mayonnaise and not more. Another tip is to select low-fat mayonnaise or that made with healthful oils.

Experts say there may small benefits of eating mayonnaise. For example, mayonnaise may give some amount of vitamin K, E and minerals such as sodium, potassium or selenium. Of these, potassium helps your metabolism and keeps you strong. Selenium boosts immunity and fights aging consequences.

Mayonnaise is a high fat condiment. It can sometimes be also high in salt and sugar. Mayonnaise is mostly unhealthful as it is high in calories and can lead to weight gain quickly. Mayonnaise can increase belly fat quite easily. Hence, you need to pay attention to the serving size when you eat mayonnaise.

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