Does Costco Blade Tenderize?

Not every cut of meat at Costco is blade tenderized though. The flank steaks and filets were fine and I am pretty sure the sub-primals are OK as well but I would double check to make sure.

For a cheap cut of meat blade tenderizing can definitely improve the tenderness of the steak but again, for a good cut there is no reason to do this. Will you get sick from a blade tenderized steak?

Even though it’s not mandatory yet to label meat that has been mechanically tenderized, some retailers in the U.S. and Canada are starting to provide labels voluntarily, so keep an eye out for such disclosure on packaging.

(The process is also called “blading” or “needling.” Costco, for instance, labels the mechanically tenderized beef it sells as “blade tenderized.”) A 2009 outbreak sickened 25 people, killing one and hospitalizing nine who had eaten mechanically tenderized sirloin served in restaurants.

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