Review: BUUR – BBC Middle Eastern Food

Review: BUUR – BBC Middle Eastern Food

Pavilion in bustling JBR is a multi-venue dining destination and home to chic German café BUUR. Opened for the first time in Dubai, this well-known brand from Germany is known for its unique breakfast and brunch dishes in Cologne, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt.

In Dubai, BUUR has gone a step further and now diners can also choose to tuck into their plates. Excitingly, Dubai is the first place for this cafe to do so.

The licensed setting has 300 seats and spans two floors with a restaurant, elegant bar and hookah lounge. The interior space leads to an air-conditioned terrace inside the pavilion, lined with beautiful greenery, where we chose to dine. Look for catchy neon signs, wood paneling elements, larger-than-life busts, chic designs throughout and the must-mentioned picturesque swing in the ladies restroom, all with a photo.


Diners can use a QR code to access the menu, which displays continental breakfast/lunch options, special offers and Iranian/Lebanese dinner options. We were surprised to find that if you clicked on a specific dish, you were also presented with the recommended items that best fit your preference.

As with most restaurants on our first visit, we were happy to receive suggestions on what to try. For this note, my partner chose an artisanal blend that was both appealing and delightful, including the essence of papaya, vanilla and egg whites, and garnished with a golden tuile. When I thoroughly enjoy my refreshing, thirst-quenching ginger lemon squash.

It wasn’t long before our table was filled with an array of appetizers, including velvety hummus, hot pita bread I couldn’t resist, and the more tangy Kashke bademjan (eggplant dip). Picture rich, mashed and whipped eggplant topped with sliced ​​onion, garlic mint oil and sour yogurt, garnished with pomegranate. Save some pita bread and wipe down every bit of the plate.

Next came the large skewers of Shish tawook and Koobide kebabs on a bed of flatbread, accompanied by tahchin (Iranian rice), barberry and saffron rice tahdig (charred rice). The tahdig is delicious, with an aromatic saffron butter flavor in its crunchy caramel layer. The tahchin, on the other hand, is carefully crafted and features roasted pistachios and almonds. Shish tawook (chicken skewers) kebabs served with a side of toum and each piece was cooked to perfection. And the koobide kebab (kebab with minced meat) was as delicious as ever.

Now that we were full, we shared dessert from the breakfast/lunch menu, which was a total indulgence. Imagine French toast, cut into cubes, coated with brown sugar and cinnamon, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and lotus biscuits, and served with a sinful lotus cream. Beside it, lay a ruby-colored poached apple. One bite and it feels like we’re eating a warm apple pie.


Stylish setting, warm atmosphere and delicious food and drinks. BUUR is perfect for dinner with friends, a night out on the town with your partner, and fun family gatherings. Parents will also be happy to know that there is a special kids section on the menu, so be sure to bring the kids.

Book now:

Brunch is available Sunday-Saturday 9am-6pm, dinner Sunday-Saturday 6pm-1am, and the bar and hookah lounge Sunday-Saturday 9am-1pm. Call +9714 456 0477. Visit the website or Instagram.

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