Review: Devil Duck – BBC Middle Eastern Food

Review: Devil Duck – BBC Middle Eastern Food

Demon Duck, Bluewaters, recently opened at Dubai’s Caesars Palace by three-Michelin-starred chef Alvin Leung, hasn’t been around Dubai’s food scene long enough, but for all the right reasons, it’s already making waves.

Self-taught Leung, aka The Demon Chef (to give him his own nickname), is known for a cooking style he calls “X-Treme Chinese” – he breaks with traditional Chinese and Asian cuisine and uses a Charming way redefines it. modern way. Look forward to treating all your favorite dishes in a fun, sophisticated way and displaying them in extraordinary tableware to enhance your experience.

Warm ambient lighting greets you as you arrive at the venue, passing through a quaint, almost hidden outdoor garden terrace and stylish fresh interior. Huge paintings, replicas of mighty demon ducks, Hong Kong photographer Mark Chung’s quirky depictions of duck art and vivid graffiti make for a breathtaking decoration. From the moment we stepped inside, we were in awe and walked around before dining outdoors.


Look for Middle Eastern-inspired mosaics on Monica Tsang-designed pottery, duck chopstick rests, and even a miniature Demon Duck table number stand, all of which reflect careful consideration in restaurant planning, and we go all out.

We were impressed throughout the evening that our server and everyone we interacted with on the team was very knowledgeable about the menu, the history behind the dishes, the inspiration behind certain menu items and more.

Loved the name of each section, we took the time to look at the menu as everything looked spectacular, and then ended up settling in a shared booth with a variety of different snacks. Starting with the “chill start” section, we got edamame hummus, seaweed, and chop suey with nine different veggies topped with an Asian citrus dressing, a dish we could eat every day. On the side were Boom Chicken with tangy sauce and Soft Shell Crab Spring Rolls with XO Sauce from the “The Temptation of the Furnace” section, which made my dining partner and I bicker over who got the last piece. This option is great for two to share, with the chance to try many flavors at the same time.

We perused the relaxed-style bar’s creatively concocted menu and saw Hong Kong tourist attractions named and enthusiastically handcrafted sips. Each is distinctive in its own way and aims to capture the essence of Hong Kong’s nightlife and the exciting thrills of the city’s iconic streets and districts. Throughout the evening, my dining partner chose to try Nathan’s, a fun and sexy beer with exotic flavors of coconut, kombu (edible kelp), pear, cherry bush and cinnamon syrup. And the Lan Kwai Fong party – a naughty blend of black plum syrup, bitters and jasmine tea. Both are absolute fun. But our star drink of the night was Yuan’s Bird Street. This pretty picturesque concoction really made me sip a mixture of passion fruit and rosewater from a bird glass, served in a gilded cage to our table.

Scallop dumplings served with bubbly white sauce, caviar and gold leaf are a culinary experience in themselves. Every bite of the butter is unreservedly amazing, and while a bit of a splurge, it’s a dish to indulge in. This brings us to our next dish, the restaurant’s famous Slow Roasted Peking Duck with Steamed Squid Bun, Pancakes and Devil Sauce “Devil Delight” section. Diners can also watch the chefs skillfully salt and spice the juicy, crispy bird overnight, then dry it for 10 days. After this, the duck is cooked at two different temperatures (low for juiciness and high for crunch), sliced ​​thickly to preserve the lusciousness and tenderness of the cooked meat, before serving your On the table. Without a doubt, it’s excellent.

My dining partner couldn’t resist the crispy Szechuan tiger prawns from “Devil’s Pond”; I couldn’t resist a personal favorite in the “Sinners” section, the minced chicken dan dan noodles.

While we were absolutely full, our server recommended a relaxing dessert that looked exactly like it sounded like a bubble bath. Packed in a tub, enticing treats from the “Master’s Angels” section include a cardamom foam that represents a bubble bath, a scoop of creamy cardamom ice cream, mini lychee and white chocolate bath bombs, a lychee ice cream meringue and the cutest Handmade Fudge Duck. Every dish on the menu is a testament to Chef Alvin Leung’s innovative culinary style, adhering to the famous motto “Eat with your eyes first”.


Showcasing bold and boisterous cuisine and impressive sips, Devil Duck offers a decadent dining experience perfect for a grown-up gathering, glamorous date night or casual gathering with colleagues and friends.

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