Review: Eat Greek Dubai Hills

Review: Eat Greek Dubai Hills

Eat Greek Kouzina is an independent restaurant developed by a Greek-South African restaurateur. Already popular in the UAE, with prime locations at The Galleria, JBR Beach and Mall of the Emirates, it has now opened at Dubai Hills Mall, Dubai’s newest mall and lifestyle destination.

Once inside, you’ll be greeted with warm ambient lighting, as well as an airy and spacious interior. Linen curtains, warm wood and textured accents make you feel like you’ve just escaped to a breezy Greek seaside.


If you’re craving a refreshing concoction, check out the drinks menu and enjoy their signature Greek blends such as Syros with Loukoumia, rose water, pistachios, fresh grapefruit and rose petals or Patra with watermelon, mint, Greek yogurt, Lime and Greek Honey. We opted for a sip of vibrant strawberry lemonade and homemade lemon iced tea, which made for a delightful entry to our dining experience.

Dinner starts with a plate of crunchy pita bread and a mild, almost buttery olive oil. We went on to the traditional dipping sauce, Keftedakia (juicy Greek beef balls that go perfectly with red pepper sauce and mint yogurt) and grilled octopus, which was just right.

If you love prawns as much as I do, try the Saganaki prawns, served with a rich and delicious tomato sauce, red peppers and feta. Each dish was different in seasoning, texture and appearance, providing a great start to our evening.

For seafood lovers, we highly recommend the Seafood and Fish Orzo (made from Kritharaki Pasta) with fresh tomatoes, squid and small prawns. The hearty portion was tender, seasoned and without a doubt superb.

My dining partner tried the Kontosouli slow-roasted sirloin in the chargrill, a tender and juicy meat dish that was well cooked and smoky like a Barbie doll.

Although we were full at this stage, we took a break and decided to follow the staff’s advice and order a dessert to share, a baklava cheesecake layered with nuts and chia crisp, cinnamon and syrup. Delicious and lush, it has a velvety texture and not too sweet flavor. As the saying goes “there’s always room for dessert…” We wiped it down quickly and it was the perfect end to the evening.


If you’re looking for a spacious, peaceful setting with a wide variety of Mediterranean specialties, authentic Greek cuisine, carefully crafted drinks and impeccable service, look no further.

Book now:

Ground floor of Dubai Hills Mall. Monday to Thursday 11am to 10:30pm. Friday-Sunday 11pm-12am. Call +9715 8586 0310.access website or Instagram.

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