Review: TrĂ©sind Studio – BBC Middle Eastern Food

Review: TrĂ©sind Studio – BBC Middle Eastern Food

Since its inception in 2014, Trésind Studio has been a force to be reckoned with in the Dubai food scene. But now more than ever. An award-winning, exclusive fine dining concept full of Indian flavours has opened at Nakheel Mall on the iconic Palm Jumeirah.

A breathtaking transitional tasting menu helmed by Chef Himanshu Saini, considered one of the youngest leaders in Indian cuisine today, welcoming and guiding diners to their privacy in a chic setting that seats just 20 at the table.

That’s when the spectacular food show begins, and we can confidently say it’s going to be one of the greatest you’ll ever experience. A large open kitchen takes center stage, where you can watch chef Himanshu Saini and his team work their culinary magic, working meticulously together to display their art on a plate.

Combining global ingredients with modern cooking techniques and traditional Indian elements, the restaurant’s unique style aims to change the way people think about Indian cuisine and elevate the way we experience it today. their mission. Bring your appetite as each tasting portion is plentiful and perfectly apportioned.

After a quick walk, we came across a 5,000 square foot urban outdoor garden developed by a local organic farm, outdoor space and lounge areas, and we took the front and center seats to get ready for the night ahead .


Each dish or drink served is accompanied by a brief but impactful description of its elements. Our personalised 17-course tasting menu will be accompanied by beverage pairing options; so we look forward to this educational stuff every time.

First up is Killer pandan, a femme fatale creative concoction filled with roasted pickled peanuts and bell peppers, shaken with a white molasses-brewed drink in homemade pandan syrup and lime juice. This innovative sip is designed to replace the bowl of peanuts that people snack on before meals, while enjoying good conversation and company.

Following this perfect entry, there are also seven nibbles, most of which include synergistic pairing sips or premium drinks, mostly home-brewed. The first course consisted of wood apple pani puri, grapefruit salad and coriander flowers, served with a fine quality sparkling wine. While nursing our sparkling wine, the second course arrived quickly, featuring a delicate Shiso khakra served with raw mango chutney, yogurt cream and garden herbs. The third course, served with a mango lassi drink, includes lamb and radish kebabs, served with roomali roti tartlet, garnished with lightly cooked radishes and charming marigold flowers. This mildly spicy dish perfectly captures the flavors of South India.

Continue sipping mango lassi, followed by what we might describe as a warm hug, a misi naan with papaya curry and fermented butter; followed by an absolute favourite, a juicy piece of duck with nasturtium leaves Dolma and sauerkraut. Every bite was delicious.

After a short break, the culinary experience is followed by a rich and sweet treat to balance the rich red grapes. The sixth course was earthy raw beetroot kebabs with a luscious white chocolate garland, cherry balsamic and cranberry chutney to smooth out the sweetness, plus amaranth and orange zest; it was delicious. The seventh course, based on the popular Indian street food, was Blossom chaat, served with pumpkin puree and three chutneys, garnished with soft, crunchy edible butterflies made from potatoes. The eight courses were paired with apricot, saffron and cherry-rich orange wine, which included an emulsion of padron peppers, fennel flowers and leaves, and an elaborate buttermilk curry ice cream bite.

Ghee grilled crab served in a charred cinnamon stick, and the ninth course was delicate potato chips and curry leaf tempura, served with a sip of tomato sauce, followed by a premium sparkling wine. This hearty dish comes with tweezers for the utensils, and each delicious bite is more about the transfer of flavor and spice than the crab meat itself, which is just the medium that transmits the flavor to the taster. At this point it was time to rest again, and we took a walk outside, observing the picturesque gardens that provided the herbs, flowers and even vegetables used in our dining experience.

Similar to a South Indian meal, the tenth course contains the flavors one enjoys at the end of an Indian-style meal, with the last bit of crunchy papaya inevitably mingling with the final pickle and sweets. The tenth course was sadya (a hearty traditional Kerala feast served on banana leaves) pink pepper payasam with tomato rasam and papadum. The 11th course was tandoori chicken dumplings in curry brodo (tomato soup with black lentil water, seasoned with north Indian spices like black and green cardamom), which tried to showcase the heightened tandoori drips and coriander juice Unremarkable tomato crunch. Kombucha provided a delightful accompaniment to the twelfth course, a delicious fermented chili and shrimp curry served with popcorn foam and tomato sauce, topped with lobster tails. A glass of red grapes accompanies the thirteenth course, the spectacular melt-in-your-mouth Galouti kebab with sourdough bread, recreating the delicacy served in a kebab shop. We sanded the last bit.

Morel pulao with shallots, Thai red chilies and pine nuts, paired with Assam tea stock, and a distillate made from boiled and fermented agave plants, completes the next course.

It’s almost over, but it’s not quite over yet, we’re stuffed. We did tell you to bring your appetite! Every dish is as delicious as ever, and you’ll want to wipe every bite off your plate.

The fifteenth course, a zero-cook pre-dessert dish, starring “Le jardin”, is based on cucumber soup and guacamole, mango ice cream and yuzu aloe compress, figs, melon balls and mangosteen. This course properly cleanses and refreshes your taste buds to get you ready for the dessert ahead.

Grape carpaccio with fermented milk ice cream, full of raisin, peach aromas, topped with gold leaf, with a hint of ginger; complemented by the amazing Masala chai Ghost creative mix, which includes chai masala tea, served with The penultimate course consists of a premium, ripe Cuban traditional drink, pineapple juice, lemon, whey and red grapes.

Every course on offer has a big show, but the seventeenth course is an event in itself. The lights around us dimmed, and the notes of Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon” filtered through the speakers. It was followed by the last dish, a dessert called “honeymoon”. Served on a special glowing moon lamp, decadent sweet treats include organic Cedar honey from the Fujairah Mountains, served on the moon (hence, honeymoon); and award-winning floral kan-junga black tea from high in the Himalayas . Awesome and luscious, Honeymoon reminds us once again of the extraordinary thought and creativity of Chef Himanshu Saini and his team. The perfect end to a perfect dinner.


TrĂ©sind Studio is something you’ve never experienced before, it’s the definition of expressive cuisine. We encourage you to experience this concept at least once in your life.

Book now:

East Wing Roof of Nakheel Mall. There are two dining hours at 6:30 pm and 9:30 pm Tuesday through Sunday.Call +97158 895 1272 or email access website or Instagram.

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