Akira back to the theater, VOX cinema

Akira back to the theater, VOX cinema

Sponsorship: Majid Al Futtaim’s dedicated cinema department, VOX Cinemas, collaborated with Michelin-starred chef Akira Back to provide an unprecedented luxury movie and culinary experience-Akira Back at THEATER experience.

The announcement immediately caught our attention, and we knew we just needed to check.

The THEATER experience has its own private entrance, via a short escalator to reach a lower level than other cinemas. The Akira Back at THEATER experience presents a charming space with clean lines, balanced lighting, leather and velvet seats, and eye-catching curtains on the floor, providing you with elegance and comfort.

For the best dining experience in the exclusive private lounge — and sitting in our seats while watching the movie — we arrived at the luxurious cinema concept of VOX Cinemas 45 minutes before the movie started. Although each venue provides first-class and luxurious services, we visited the VOX cinema in Nakheel shopping mall and we were very helpful.

Spacious seating occupies the space on both sides of the room, while the majestic bar with fruity drinks, syrup and glassware occupies the center.


We slid into the comfortable sofa and began to peruse the menu. On the menu there were signature dishes from world-renowned chefs, as well as dishes unique to the VOX cinema.

The menu is divided into seven impressive sections-you have appetizers, including delicious dishes; Starters and Signature rolls provide a richer choice; movie classics and main dishes reserved when hunger really hits; desserts satisfy you Sweets; accompanied by signature non-alcoholic cocktails.

Beverages, especially the light and interesting mango and passion fruit coolers are my partner’s first choice; when I choose a cup of vanilla espresso for a much-needed cup of coffee. The carefully prepared and delicious selection of beverages provided a good start to our evening.

Soon, our marble table was filled with various dishes. First of all, the appetizers not to be missed are Akira Back Pizza and Rock Shrimp Tempura from Starters. As Chef Akira Back’s signature, Feather Light Pizza uses a large amount of mild and umami aioli, thinly sliced ​​tuna, white truffle oil and mild chili sauce. Beautiful and picturesque, every bite is exquisite, and the taste is distinct. This is a great pizza. The crispy bite of prawns with slightly spicy kochujang mayonnaise and a little chives are sure to be a hit.

If you only need to try one of the Signature rolls, we recommend Cow-cow. Expect a mouth-watering unconventional braised pork ribs and Asian salad rolls.

It’s almost time to start moving, so we walked into the cinema and sat on a luxurious recliner with armrests and extra legroom, a side table for you to eat, a shortcut button for requesting service, and a blanket to keep you comfortable Please note that before you enter the theater, you can talk to the team and order the dishes you want; even ask for them to be delivered at a specific time.

We chose to share a portion of four AB tacos, which were filled with beef roast, grilled tomato orange and spicy salmon, wakame and cucumber. The screen provides enough light to make crispy crust mini tacos, and we love every bite.

In the middle of our exciting James Bond movie, we received our main course, angry chicken with sam pei sauce and white rice, and a kimchi fried rice with oil-sealed duck legs, fried eggs and Whakatane sauce .

You might think, “Wait, fried rice in the theater?” I said why not? Serve it on a tray for easy dining. If you like crunchy food, sweet and spicy chicken is a good choice. Fried rice and duck legs are a kind of rich salty, sour and strong flavor fusion.

Since the dessert looked so tempting, we decided to order and share a rich and fresh AB kiss with grapefruit, sablé cruumble and strawberry ice cream and decadent AB chocolate cigar with lucuma mousse.


Dinner and show (you can choose) in one place. It’s like Netflix and chill, but much better. It is very suitable for dinner dates and evening outings with friends.

Book now:

Currently available at VOX Cinemas in Dubai, Mall of the Emirates, Nakheel Mall and City Center Mirdif; in Abu Dhabi, including Nation Towers, The Galleria Al Maryah Island and Yas Mall; and Al Ain in Al Jimi Mall. Visit the website.

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