halloween soda label

halloween soda label

To continue my Halloween addiction, I wanted to share some awesome Halloween soda labels with you guys today! ! I asked my designer Kendra (from Key Lime Digital Designs) to design them and put “drink if you dare” on the bottle and I thought they were pretty awesome. Available in 4 colors (black, orange, green and purple)​​to download for your next party or gathering.

We recently got hooked on a store in Houston called Rocket Fizz. They carry old-fashioned candy, but are known for carrying hundreds of sodas. They have some delicious flavors, but also some crazy flavors like corn, buffalo wings, ranch, peanut butter—you name it! We’ve made it a tradition to go to this store to buy fun sodas for friends and family in town to try. Kids love going there. We went there last week to pick up some sodas and I’m going to add these tags to a family Halloween dinner that I love planning on the 31st approaching. Labels would be the perfect touch! !

You can also turn these tags into cute gifts. Kendra made a label to add to the front of the pop container in case you want to do that too.

Download tabs – go here.

I’ve talked about this before, but the possibilities for Halloween creation are endless, which is probably why I love creating this time of year so much! !

When you’re done with soda, to save the bottle, you can do this:

Halloween Pop Box Gifts

Or put a label on some soda bottles to put in this gift:

Halloween Movie Night Gifts

Yes – I love Halloween! ! 😀

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Please enjoy!

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