free halloween coloring pages

free halloween coloring pages

Hello, I’m Lily – again!

today is my birthday! ! ! guess what? ! My aunt and two cousins ​​came to visit us! I’m happy because I miss my family so much. We went to Hotel Transylvania 2 for a birthday. My parents are out of town today (shhh), but when they’re away I play with my cousins.

Oh yes – guess what? ! We celebrated ahead of time something I’ve wanted all my life – crumb cake from Carlo’s Bakery (from the show Cake Boss). Buddy also sent me a note and I freaked out. I have nothing to say. I am speechless! ! The cake is so delicious. 🙂

However, we will return to today’s post. As you know, I love coloring, so my mom asked her designer to make some free Halloween coloring pages. There are 4 of them. I color one of the following:

Does your child like to color? I know the Merkleys love coloring!

We will be using these pages for coloring throughout the month. In fact, I think we’ll be coloring them with our cousins. 🙂

4 options:

Download – go here.

For more fun Halloween activities with kids, you can do these:

melted witch bark

halloween countdown

Halloween Cootie Catcher

I wish you a wonderful October. This is just the beginning, so get ready for more fun. 🙂

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love, lily

Behind the Scenes at LILLUNA.COM:

I love coloring, but I asked my brother to color half of this photo and I color the other half. 😉

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