Guess the Christmas carol game

Guess the Christmas carol game

I like Christmas, especially Christmas games!

A few years ago, we attended a church Christmas party, and I was responsible for designing a game that everyone can play. It seemed easy, but then I realized that when you have more than 150 people participating, it is not easy. I finally found a guessing Christmas carol game on the Internet, and we made some modifications to it to make it very suitable for the night. Everyone started playing when they came in and completed the task of being a table. The table that is completed first and has the highest correct rate wins. I didn’t forget this game until last year when we planned another church Christmas party and we were looking for games that adults could play. We had a lot of fun and also liked that it was a bit challenging. Knowing that I might need it again, I made sure to make it a cute printable. My designer, Kendra, made it and it turned out so cute! ! This game is absolutely suitable for all Christmas parties and upcoming parties.

The goal of the game is to match the clues with the Christmas carols. Some are easier than others, but this is a fun game to start the night game. In fact, you may find yourself scratching your head trying to figure out some of them. 😉 This is what it looks like…

Guess the Christmas carol game:

To download, click here

(The game and answers are included in the download)

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Please enjoy!

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