Mulan Flower House – Lil ‘Luna

Mulan Flower House – Lil ‘Luna

I can’t believe that from March, I went to Wayo in the first time, I fell in love with this city. I am not joking, because we like it very much, because I have carefully considered it after our visit. This is a small town, but not too small, all the charms and beauty of the place you want. Yes, Chip & Jo was there and turned the place into a tourist attraction, but that’s probably why we love it so much. We like Magnolia Market, cute house, especially Magnolia House.

We were lucky to book Magnolia House on the first day of booking. I decided to reach out to a few blogger friends to come and stay, but completely forgot that Easter was in March and booked it for Easter weekend. Rogue! ! Luckily some of my friends were still able to come 2 nights before my family (husband and 5 kids) drove from Houston to join us for our last night. We finally spent the Easter Sunday at the Magnolia House, and the situation is good.

Today, I want to share with you some of our experiences in Waco. This is both a blogger’s getaway and part of a family getaway, but overall it was an amazing experience full of beauty and inspiration. You can see this in seeing pictures. Let’s start with a visit to the Magnolia House.

Mulan House Journey:

The same is as gorgeous outside! !

The late gazebo is very beautiful and is suitable for many occasions.

Built this house spent a lot of time, love and details. It is so obvious in the photo, but it is more obviously there and feel the atmosphere of this place. We feel like at home!

Shiplap – everywhere!

The kitchen is one of my favorite places – beautiful black cabinets and concrete countertops!

Gorgeous, right? !

We are all remembered by this home, but if you can see all the details, I think you will love. I tried to shoot some “details” from their home, just to show how much time and thinking in everything.

The first is the Mulan Message Book. It is placed on the coffee table of the family room, which is ideal for letting guests sign in and thank Chip & Jo’s hard work.

The kitchen is laundry room, which is filled with all the small things that you may need during your stay.

  • Charger cable for various mobile phones you can think of
  • paper and crayons (my kids totally used it!)
  • sewing kit
  • Movie suitable for families
  • Games and cards

I was so impressed that they took the time to think about everything you might need if you lived there with friends or family.

My husband is a person who is noticed to the next detail, but this makes me shocked!

He looked at the pavilion outside, noted the top decoration strip and said that he saw the same design in the house. I thought he was a bit crazy, but later I saw himself, he is right!

Decoration on the gazebo …

Strip window glass on the door.

match! ! !

The gazebo design is also on some of the windows above the door! We think this is cool, so that they will use this design and integrate into other places around the house. It’s the little things like this that make the house so much more beautiful. D

Although we spent a lot of time in this house, we will definitely go to Wiko and visit the Magnolia market. The silo is so pleasant, if you are a fans of Fixer Upper, it is definitely a place that needs to visit. There are a lot of shopping venues, a lot of food (Magnolia Baker is now open !!), there is very fun.

We are lucky to travel privately with the head of Magnolia Market and board the top of Magnolia Market!

The market is also amazing. Just like Joe put her a few design elements in each home to the store. Shopping is very interesting, but looks around and has a fun idea for our own home. The following design is at the door of the store, I love it at all!

We also visited the Chip & JO meeting room within Magnolia. Beautiful, right? !

As I mentioned earlier, this part is Blogger Retreat, part of family vacation. In the first part and so much, we have spent a great time together with the same idea and struggle. We laughed and ate, shopped and ate. It’s fun! Here are some pictures we took there…

Left upper row: Two peas and their pods of Maria, beautiful Protez s Sarah, picky taste Jenny, six sisters of Christine, I and Jennifer of Tater Tots and Jello.
Left row: Lolly Jane’s Kelli and Capturing Joy’s Kristen.

We found this awesome paint garage and had to take a photo up front!

We must also ensure that we stopped in Harp Design Co and see him – Clint! ! We chatted with him for a long time, heard his story, and starting with Chip & Jo’s response to prayer. He and his wife Kelly are very nice and we love getting to know them.

In Harp Design Co – they have the cutest store, I want to buy everything there! !

Like these letters! !

When we are there, we can also eat a lot of tons and enjoy all delicious food! We were able to go to Torchy’s Tacos (yummy tacos and the best tacos and street corn), Pokey O’s (best cookie ice cream sandwiches I’ve ever had, including the Snickerdoodle Butterfinger sandwich), Heritage Creamery (I tried the Brown Butter) & Toasted mountain walnuts!), Lula Jane’s (some of you will try the best candies!) And Ninfa’s (the best spinach spicy sauce cattle in history !!) Waco absolutely a lot of delicious food is available.

After spend the initial time with the blogger, I am very happy to come to our last day. We went to Magnolia Market for the first time (I didn’t complain). They have a huge grass next to the market to play, so you can imagine how happy you have. When mom is shopping, corn hole, giant JENGA and hula hoops are used to entertain. It is perfect! ! 😀

There’s even a Magnolia logo on the cornhole!

JENGA has “M” – About Details!

Although children have fun in the Mulan Market, they have more fun at home. Because it is Easter weekend, we want to bring the tradition of Easter to there and decide to find Easter eggs in the dark. We met the Dear Ward family in Carriage House behind Magnolia House and invited them. They in turn invite their grandchildren. I have also encountered people working in Harp Design Co., so we also invited her family. It eventually became very interesting. We are very happy to spend the night with new friends in such a beautiful home.

After the kids run around looking for eggs, eat cookies, and play with their new friends, they’re happy to “pick a room” and sleep in it for the night. Then my hubby and I lay on the couch and watched an episode of Fixer Upper where they actually put Magnolia House together. Sitting in the same house is very surreal, but it’s fantastic. I think that Joe mentioned some things about the idea of ​​two cute sisters living in a room (the room shown below), we realized that our two daughters in the same room. If you have a moment, it seems that the house is tailored to us, we don’t want to leave.

Evie and Lily were in “their” room on Easter Sunday.

Before we went to the church, I always tried to take pictures of children wearing Easter costumes, and I must do this, especially in such a stunning background! ! I am very fascinated by their results.

Evie, Gavin, Melody, Wesley and Lily – my favorite photos!

I can’t wait to go back, although I may not be able to stay in Magnolia House again, but I will be able to remember all the interesting memories we have, and can still see our friends. The only thing that allows the whole journey ends is to see Chip & Jo, so I still hope that one day will happen. Bamboo

Many of you know that Chip & Jo has recently published a book, named “The Story of Magnolia”. If you like Fixer Upper, then you will want this book. It tells how CHIP and JO relationships and how the entire Magnolia story begins. It is also very suitable as a birthday gift or Christmas gift for any Fixer Upper fans, so you love Chip & Jo.

As you can see from this article and all pictures, Waco is great, if you like all things in Fixer Upper, it is definitely a place worth going. From markets to antique shops to delicious food, there’s a lot of fun here. If you are considering visiting Waco, please consider the following more information.

  • Mulan market is very busy! Going on a weekday is less busy and easier to navigate.
  • Many of the goods sold by Magnolia Market can also be purchased online, but the store is available in the store.
  • If you would like to stay in Magnolia House, please go here, but your booking time as of June 2017.
  • Wayo has a small airport, but the easiest way to reach is to fly to Austin and then rent a car.
  • For more information on The Silos and the new Magnolia Bakery, visit here.

I hope you like this long, full picture post! ! Be sure to continue to pay attention to another article on how to get “fixer-up” appearance. 😀

Please enjoy!

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