Caramel Apple Set Gift Ideas

Caramel Apple Set Gift Ideas

We are Jennifer, Jamie and Jodie from Eighteen25 and we are delighted to be visiting today.

What makes a great cheap gift idea even better than it is now?

When that gift involves snacks! Caramel apples are the perfect treat this time of year.


• gift bag

• Apple

• caramel

• Ingredients: We use Peanuts, Heath Bars, Mini M&Ms

• Bamboo lollipops

• Pattern paper

• Caramel Apple Kit Printable


• Print out the label and use the back of card stock (we backed ours with a scallop frame we cut using the silhouette) and stick to the front of the bag

• Cut 1″ x 4″ strips of patterned paper and fold over the top of the bamboo skewers to make the flag

• Put them in a bag and bind them to a patterned paper topper

• Also wrap pattern paper around mini M&M’s

• Put some shredded paper in your bag before all the goodies and tie some twine for extra cuteness

Thanks for having us Kristin today!



I love this idea! ! Who doesn’t love caramel apples? !

Thank you Jen, Jamie and Judy! ! I love everything you create. 🙂

If you haven’t been to 1825 before, you’re missing out. These ladies are so talented!

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Please enjoy!

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