Michaels Dream Tree 2014

Michaels Dream Tree 2014

Happy November 1st! !

As a blogger, that means I’m in full Christmas mode, which is to make sure you get all the ideas and recipes early on to help you get ready for the holidays. 🙂

It also means it’s Michael’s Dream Tree Challenge time. If you remember last year, I shared an advent tree that was perfect for our family and kids. This year I became more neutral and decided to make a black, white and silver tree decorated with pictures and text that reminded me why I love vacations so much. This is not only a time to celebrate the birth of the Savior, but also a time to serve others, give and spend time with your loved ones. Looking at my tree now, it makes me smile because it’s filled with pictures of my little family, which makes me so happy. MERRY, JOY and PEACE also adorn the tree, these are my favorite Christmas words. It reminds me that Christmas is a time of joy and joy, not only a time to feel peace, but an opportunity to bring peace to those around us.

I had a lot of fun creating this tree, and while it might have caused some confusion for the kids (they kept asking if it was Halloween or Christmas – lol), it helped me get into the holiday spirit. Here are some more close-ups of the tree…

I may be a little obsessed with bunting. I decided to cut some pennant shapes out of some black cardstock and add some white vinyl letters (using Captain Howdy font) to make them. I also rubbed some chalk on the sides and dabbed a bit around with a tissue and it looked a little chalky.

Then I punched holes in the top corners and strung them with some white tulle.

I am very happy with the result! !

I also bought a range of White Frames from Michael’s and used them as “big ornaments” and put them on the tree. I printed some of my favorite photos from 2014 and made them black and white and added them to the frame.

I thought it would be fun to turn it into a “2014 Highlights” tree, and these pictures help make that happen. The kids love them too!

I also made some ornaments to decorate the tree.

I first bought some plastic clear ornaments from Michaels (also glass, but with lots of little things, plastic is more practical). I filled them with white glitter and some black, white and silver circles (made with a hole punch and scrapbook paper).

I also made some decorations like last year and bought Paper Mache Circle Ornaments from Michaels. I drew the sides and then cut out slightly smaller circles from scrapbook paper than the front. Then I put them in front.

For a more detailed tutorial on them, visit here.

I also just need to take a “selfie”. Here’s what I’m wearing comfortably (just had baby size 5).

Never mind the messy house in the background. 😉

Again, I love the simplicity and beauty of this tree. It will be in our living room, our tree and our more sentimental ornaments will be in the family room. This year we’re going to decorate a bit ahead of time, but that’s because I have so many Christmas decorating ideas I want to share with you.

No, we didn’t forget Thanksgiving – I just didn’t have much decoration for that holiday. 😉

Love this fun Christmas tree of mine! !

what do you think?

I’m usually very interested in color, but wanted to change it up this year. 😉

As the holidays begin, I want to make sure you know all the fun going on in Michaels…

  • Visit Michaels’ blog The Glue String to see the full Dream Tree Challenge and all the fabulous trees Michaels Makers created this year
  • Head to Michaels for Make It Merry Tree from Nov. 2 to Nov. 8 – 50% off all trees 6 feet or taller! ! ! <附上圖片>
  • To get your vacation started, be sure to check out Michaels’ Make it Merry inspiration book or various vacation tips and projects.

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Please enjoy!

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“Christmas or Halloween?” -Merkeley Kiddos

The life of a blogger… 😉

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