Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi, Almaria Island

Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi, Almaria Island

Looking for great accommodation deals for the upcoming long weekend and Hari Raya holidays? Or maybe even a brief escape with your family, friends or partner?Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi on Al Maryah Island launches “Abu Dhabi Getaway – 20%” Provide a rich and extraordinary experience.Read on for all the details

Standing 34 storeys high on the shimmering waters of Al Maryah Island, Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi is majestic and exudes a distinctive vertical coloured line inspired by the vibrant textiles of the souks. Just over an hour’s drive from Dubai, we were able to see this magnificent property from a distance; as it got more and more grand, the closer we got to it.

A spacious and bright lobby decorated with stylish furniture, impressive details, gold highlights and neutral tones greeted us as we went to complete the express check-in process. Soon we were taken to our luxurious Four Seasons Executive Suite. Notably, every room and suite has a water view—quiet by day and sparkling by night.

If you don’t have any plans for the upcoming long weekend and Eid al-Fitr holiday, we recommend visiting the Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi on Al Maryah Island​​ “Abu Dhabi Getaway – 20%” supply. Think luxurious and comfortable living spaces, lavish spa treatments, great facilities and last but not least, an extraordinary array of dining options at Al Meylas, Butcher & Still, Cafe Milano, Crust, Zsa Zsa, Eclipse The Terrace Lounge and even in-room dining offer more privacy options.

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Understated modern luxury spanning huge living spaces, quaint workspaces, expansive dining tables, wet bars, guest toilets, luxurious bedrooms and walk-in closets, and finally, lush bathrooms with bathtubs, luxurious amenities and showers await us. A common denominator throughout the hotel is the gorgeous flower arrangement that elevates every space.

Our 85+ sqm Deluxe Four Seasons Executive Suite has plenty of natural light pouring in from floor-to-ceiling windows; draw the curtains and we’re greeted with views of the oceanfront and turquoise pool below. This spacious setting is suitable for three adults or two adults and one child; but you can also choose other options as needed. These range from four different guest rooms to three types of suites and two luxurious signature suites. Whatever you choose, you’ll be assured of the very best of amenities – thick terrycloth bathrobes and plush slippers, luxury toiletries, comfy bedding and more. Rest assured, you’ll have the most comfortable sleep of your life, even accommodation.

Cooking Products:

English afternoon tea awaits us at Al Meylas, which translates to “a place to meet”, symbolizing a prominent place. In keeping with the social traditions of the parliament, the refined and unpretentious setting pays homage to Abu Dhabi’s hospitable Arab culture. We were seated in a charming and picturesque location, where a delightful cup of home-brewed sparkling white tea kicked off our culinary experience. The afternoon tea menu offers sweet and savory delights; soon two elegant stalls pop up, showcasing innovative small pastries and hearty snacks. We ordered salmon mousse puffs, foie gras mousse chocolate chips, spiced avocado and goat cheese macarons, and truffle egg yolk brioche. In addition to the classic mini sandwiches, include cucumber and cream cheese, curried raisin bread and chicken tikka with eggs and caviar. It’s just a delicious offering. From tempting dim sum stands, you can choose from Guanaja Chocolate Tarts, Amalfi Cakes, Tiramisu, Rose Raspberry Religious, Summer Eton Rooster Cakes, Fresh Strawberries, Opera Cakes and the unmissable Jam Bake Pick from pie, clotted cream and lemon curd. Sip warm Ruyi orange tea and Fujian oolong tea to accompany our experience. Decadent, cheerful and indulgent, Al Meylas’ English Afternoon Tea is perfect for your next drink.

Dinner calls for a visit to Butcher & Still, inspired by 1920s Chicago steakhouses, where we were lucky enough to meet acclaimed chef Marshall Röth. He was kind enough to show us the restaurant and its secret private dining space, The Hideaway; while inspiring us with the inspiration, thought and level of detail that created the concept. Expect to find leather benches, rich wood floors, bullet casing replicas in bathrooms, discreet speakeasy-style side doors, advertisements of yesteryear, secret closets, columns with vertical tiles reminiscent of 1920s architecture and more . We were amazed by the meticulous attention to detail. At the front of the restaurant, a cloud of bread and butter provided an entry point for our meal; jokingly brought to our table by one of the many friendly staff. Common to every restaurant in the hotel. Next, we added a series of three appetizers – 99% Crab Cake Chunks, featuring a surprising ingredient, scallops, used to bind the cake together and ensure a wholehearted seafood flavor; 1 A sinful bone marrow with a tantalizing oxtail jam; and a prime Angus tartare prepared at the table with a hint of mustard, capers and eggs. We’re just getting started, and we’re already off to a great start! After a short respite, we strolled out onto the patio and soaked in the breathtaking scenery around us. Weather permitting, be sure to get a table outside, it doesn’t disappoint. Shortly thereafter, the main course came, and we gulps down juicy USDA-quality meat (from 100-day grain-fed cattle, only 2.9% of all cattle in the U.S. are raised to produce this elegant beef). Cooked to perfection, the 400g ribeye was one of the best steaks we’ve ever had. And the 300g Kansas City Tenderloin was fantastic. Parts of baked potatoes, sautĂ©ed mushrooms and spinach served as side dishes for our meal. Now full, we shared a feather-light carrot cake filled with nuts and topped with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. Butcher & Still is a must-have experience for every meat lover in the country.

We slept the next morning and opted to try the indoor dining option at breakfast. Less than 20 minutes after we placed our order, our breakfast option appeared, complete with hot compartments to ensure a hot meal and the crockery and cutlery needed. I love egg white omelettes with brown toast; while my partner enjoys his Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon. Freshly made carrot and watermelon juice quenched our thirst. The in-room dining option is perfect for those who wish to relax and enjoy an intimate meal in their room before starting the day.

As a Sunday, Cafe Milano hosts Viaggio Sunday Brunch in Italy. If you’re a lover of all things Italian food, be sure to try this lunch at this Washington DC born concept. Look forward to an enchanting setting of artisanal pasta and fresh seafood inspired by the southern coast of Italy. The feast began with a series of appetizers, including zupa di ceci (chickpea soup and sautĂ©ed vegetables); Italian frittata with taleggio cream; focaccia with beef ham, arugula and parmesan shavings that reminded us of for our trip to Italy; we couldn’t get enough of fried cod and crisp artichokes; vibrant marinated mixed beetroot salad with goat cheese and pine nuts; and grilled baby eggplant salad with roasted cherry tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella. Bring your appetite as brunch has the bulk of each dish. We’re off to a good start. My dining partner sipped the orange-hued concoction while I whipped up a lovely passion fruit mocktail. It wasn’t long before the le paste course brought us hearty toasted butternut squash ravioli with sage sauce and almonds. There is also a silky homemade penne pasta “alla Norma-style”. Diners can choose from two entrees – a pan-seared sea bass fillet with topinambour purĂ©e and caponata-stuffed grilled zucchini; and a wagyu braciola (stuffed thin beef roll) with creamy polenta and sautĂ©ed cauliflower. Every dish was beautifully presented and very tasty. A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, our meal ends with a classic cloudy tiramisu; or you can enjoy strudel alle melle or panna cotta.


Soak up the sun on the expansive third-floor pool terrace with panoramic views of the skyline and the Arabian Gulf; work out in the fully separate men’s and women’s fitness center; or indulge in a 90-minute Gold Quartz healing treatment at The Pearl Spa and Wellness.

After a stressful week at work, I entered the Pearl Spa. I left without exaggeration, the tension was released, harmonious and full of energy. Since the spa only has one room to accommodate treatments, I recommend booking your spot in advance. The transformative journey begins when you choose your preferred option from three fragrant essential oils – za’atar with white tea and fig to energize; lavender and frangipani for relaxation; and black tea and myrrh for stress relief. I choose the incentive option. Then, three eye patch options emerged—rose quartz for stress relief; charcoal for brightening; and gold, which has anti-aging properties, of which I chose the gold eye mask. Only now have we started customizing the spa experience.

I lay on a bed of heated gold quartz sand and then was introduced to the loud vibrations of the singing bowl for deep relaxation, promoting good energy, improving circulation, balance and rejuvenating the melodious flow of energy and vitality. Immediately I felt relaxed and further immersed in a pure heavenly state. An invigorating aromatherapy herbal balm massage with over 15 herbs and pure oils to relieve muscle pain, stimulate lymphatic drainage and detoxify the body. Marma Acupressure Facials soothe your mind, stimulate and activate the energy channels in your body. Gold Quartz Healing Therapy ends with an eye mask, followed by a cool towel to balance your body temperature. Finally, a zero-gravity exercise, in which the bed you’re lying on is tilted to the sides to encourage blood flow to your head and feet. The treatment is by far the best I have experienced.

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Planning a last-minute Eid stay?Take advantage of the spectacular “Abu Dhabi Getaway – 20%” supply. Click the link below.

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“Abu Dhabi Getaway – 20%” Offer valid on selected dates between April 20, 2022 and January 5, 2024. 20% off (minimum 2 nights stay). Afternoon Tea at Al Meylas from 3-7pm, AED 250 per couple. Lunch a la carte Friday at Butcher & Still from 1-4pm. Gold Quartz Healing Therapy at The Pearl Spa and Wellness costs AED890 for 90 minutes. Call +9712 333 2333.Booking online. access website or Instagram.

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