what to wear at disney

what to wear at disney

There are so many things to consider when traveling to Disneyland or Disney World! !

I know this because I’m going a little crazy trying to get everything ready for our trip in May. For a family of 7, there are a lot of things to consider, especially when it comes to what to wear at Disney. Today, I thought I’d share some tips and advice for packing when traveling to the happiest place on earth!

The first thing to consider is the weather!

What time of year do you travel to Cali or Florida? Is it summer or spring? ? Or how about fall or winter? Knowing the temperature and forecast will help you decide what to pack and prepare for your trip. I’ve been checking Weather.com in the weeks leading up to the holidays so I know everything we need. Here are some tips and items to help you pack for your family adventure:

What to Wear to Disney:

  • comfortable clothes
      • Short-sleeved shirts, tank tops, shorts and skirts are perfect for warmer weather. Even so, you should bring a cardigan in case you get a little chilly after a slippery ride or rain.
      • Long-sleeved shirts, sweaters, pants, and skirts are perfect for cooler weather. Yes, you can still wear shorts, but it will be a bit chilly at night. In winter, it’s always a good idea to have a large, comfortable jacket on hand, especially if you plan to stay in the park later for parades and fireworks.
    • Cute clothes – yes, I just said wear cute clothes. You don’t have to be super stylish, but wear what you think is cute and comfortable because there will be tons of photo opportunities and you want to be happy with how you look. This also applies to the husband. 😉
    • For KIDS – all of the above apply. Wear warm clothes in winter. Wear cool clothes in summer. We always make pants or leggings for the girls during the cooler months. Shorts are our best friends for summer. We also made sure to have an extra set of clothes for each child that would hold up well (not super bulky and take up little space). If you don’t want to bring extra clothes, you don’t have to, but if you have kids who still have “accidents”, you definitely want some extra clothes for them. 😉
  • comfortable shoes
    • it is necessary! At home, we’re all about flip-flops, but at Disney we ditch sandals for tennis shoes and socks. We do this because you will be walking a TON when visiting any Disney park and you want to make sure your feet are comfortable and comfortable. I know a lot of people prefer sandals in the park, but tennis shoes are the safest option. 😀
      • Note: If buying new shoes, be sure to wear them out. Get your child to start wearing them at least a few weeks before you go to the park so they don’t have blisters. But, having said that, it’s always a good idea to have some Band-Aids on hand in case something goes wrong. 😉
  • Accessories
    • Hats and sunglasses are perfect for the park. During the summer and hotter months, these hats can help block out the sun. Note: It’s also easy to lose your hat on the rides, so be sure to remove your hat and go to more exciting attractions.
    • In winter, it’s always a good idea to pack some winter accessories like scarves, gloves, and beanies. If you’ve been to Disney during these colder months, I’m sure you’ll agree. It can get really cold, and kids are more likely to complain if they don’t dress properly and it’s cold…especially after they’ve just gotten wet on Splash Mountain. 😉

Extra clothes:

  • Sunscreen – I can’t stress it enough. Be sure to apply daily, especially for small children. Both California and Florida are sunny. Trying to deal with a sunburn while exploring the park is not a pleasant thing.
  • Poncho – Many people bring a poncho for slippery rides and/or rain. You can get these in the park, but they are a bit more expensive. I like to buy a cheap poncho to keep in my bag in case it rains (we like to get wet while riding).
  • Backpack/Bag – We always bring a backpack when we go to the park. We filled it with extra clothes, diapers, treats, cameras, water bottles and more (don’t worry – I realize I need to do a post on what to pack for Disney and will be done next month). When entering the park for the first time, you’ll need to go through security to check your luggage, but it’s worth it. I try not to bring a purse, but a shoulder bag. They are easier to carry and can be put on and taken off quickly and easily.
  • Camera/Video Camera Bags – Many people like to carry these around, which is great, but I highly recommend making sure they are waterproof, not too bulky and easy to carry.

Do you realize that there are a lot of things to consider about what to wear to the park? When planning your trip, there are many factors to consider, such as the weather (out of your control).

When we go to Disney World in May, I want to make sure we’re a match. is it necessary? Not at all, but it’s fun! I decided we’d pick five of our favorite Disney characters and wear those characters’ shirts for the day. I started doing some google and amazon searches and realized that doing this for 5 kids (7 to 6 months) and 2 adults is a lot harder than expected. I know I need a little help. That’s when I thought of my friend Marjory from Elk Dresses who made the cutest raglan shirts out of other shirts. I know if I can find a Disney shirt for my husband, she can make a raglan with the same shirt, so at least he and I can match. I also made her a cute baby dress with appliqués, perfect for babies. That’s three out of seven people in the family being cared for. This meant I only had to find shirts for my 4 older kids and it wasn’t that hard.

To start this shirt matching quest, we headed to Kohl’s and found 5 shirts for my husband (5 days in the park). We found one of Jack Skellington, Captain America and Olaf. We also found a Mickey Mouse shirt at Target which took care of day 4. The kids have recently fallen in love with the Big Hero 6, so we found the Baymax shirt from Amazon. We bought two of each shirt and sent the other one to Marjory to be turned into a raglan sleeve. I am happy to report that the results were amazing! I love my raglan sleeves and where are they still every week!

Check them out…here are my Olaf shirts:

Yep, she turned an ordinary men’s shirt into a cute raglan! !

Check out my hubby’s matching Baymax shirts here…I love them!

Awesome, right? ! We got so many compliments and everyone asked where we got it from.

We didn’t spend much time looking for shirts for Mickey Mouse, Olaf and the 4 eldest kids of Big Hero. We got those shirts but decided to have Marjory turn the girls’ shirts into tunics simply because they are so cute! ! !

We had a hard time finding Jack Skellington shirts for the kids, so Marjory suggested making them and adding appliqués. I’m totally sure they’ll be cute, and they’re adorable! ! I tell you, this girl has crazy sewing skills! ! She made custom shirts for babies and 4 older kids!

I wasn’t kidding when I said we were stopped all day asking where we got these shirts. Apparently, The Nightmare Before Christmas is really popular overseas, with many foreigners asking where to buy shirts in broken English. 😉

Since I had a hard time finding Captain America shirts for girls, Marjory also made a tunic with appliqués for the character. Turned out they were just as cute as the Jack Shirts!

I absolutely love the effect of all the shirts, but I admit the Big Hero 6 is probably my favorite! It happened that we were wearing our Baymax shirts when we were at Hollywood Studios, where you can actually meet Baymax and Hiro. You better believe we have to wait in line and take advantage of the photo opportunities.

This is probably my favorite Disney photo ever! ! ! We’re all in our favorite fight poses, and while you can’t quite see it in this photo, Marjory’s little tunic for the sweet melody is adorable. Here is the proof:

So cute, right? ! Mel still wears these and gets so many compliments! !

Now, do you have to wear matching shirts when you go to Disney? No! But I love doing it for my own little family and love them for the best photo opportunities. Yes, I love taking great family photos and love being able to take pictures with many of our favorite characters in our shirts. I mean, can you seriously give up a photo with Olaf when your whole family is wearing Olaf? ! I don’t think so. 😉

Marjory is awesome and has a discount for a limited time, so if you decide to order anything from her, use code: LILLUNA for 15% off! Sweet! !

(Offer deadline is August 31, 2015)

For more information on these lovely custom shirts, be sure to visit Elk Dresses. Obviously Marjory does a great job and knows how to make beautiful clothes!

Most importantly, you want to make sure you are comfortable while enjoying the happiest place on earth! As I mentioned before, there are a lot of things to think about and consider when packing, but if you’re ready, you’ll be fine and ready for any Disneyland!

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I’d love to hear any of your suggestions on what to wear to Disney!

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