The best white elephant gift-fun, useful and DIY ideas!

The best white elephant gift-fun, useful and DIY ideas!

A series of best white elephant gifts-from fun white elephant gift ideas to useful DIY ideas, these gifts will surely bring a lot of laughter and “theft” at your next white elephant party.

White Elephant Party

We attend at least one white elephant party every year. Dining with the Luna family has become a tradition, and we often host parties with friends nearby. But what is a white elephant party?

White elephant gift exchanges are usually part of holiday gatherings, and the purpose is to provide entertainment rather than exchanging expensive gifts. These gifts are usually funny or impractical, and bring a lot of laughter to the attendees.

White elephant rule

Each white elephant runs differently, but generally follows the following general rules of thumb:

  1. Each participant will bring a wrapped gift to the swimming pool.
  2. Players draw numbers to understand the order of choosing gifts.
  3. Everyone is in a circle so they can see all the gifts in the middle.
  4. The person drawing #1 first picks the gift from the center and opens it.
  5. The following players can choose to steal the gift of the previous player or remove the unwrapped gift from the pool. If someone steals their gift, they can do the same thing—choose a new gift or steal someone else’s gift. Things to remember:
    1. Gifts can only be stolen once per round.
    2. A gift can only be stolen three times in total (otherwise things will be delayed-trust me!)
  6. The game ends with #1 playing again and exchanging his/her gifts with other people’s gifts.

You can play a variety of different games, but these are standard rules that everyone follows.

White elephant gift ideas

When we like to hold white elephant parties, we always hope for interesting but practical and useful gifts. The combination of the two gifts guarantees a lot of laughter and a lot of theft!

Each team’s competition will have different dynamics, but we think that having a variety of gifts will make it very interesting. Whether you are playing as a couple or as an individual, we always ask everyone to bring gifts to participate. In addition, if you are a custodian, it is best to prepare some extra gifts in case someone forgets the gifts. You want to make sure that everyone can play.

I want to collect this year’s best white elephant gifts for you to use. I divided it into two parts-interesting and useful. All are products found on Amazon, and I think they will help. 😉

Funny white elephant gift

When there are interesting gifts in the mix, the white elephant communication becomes more interesting.

I continued to collect some of my favorite and interesting white elephant gifts, all of which were found on Amazon. The price range, but most are between US$15 and US$25.

If you really want to be a good person, you can always give an interesting gift and a small good gift to match it. It’s up to you, but if you use any of the following gifts, you will definitely laugh at the party.

Bacon Floss – Do you like the taste of bacon in the morning? This bacon-flavored dental floss is for you! The dentist recommends using dental floss every day. What better way than using this delicious bacon dental floss. It can effectively remove dental plaque while keeping your oral bacon fresh. 😀

Bacon Bath Set-Bacon Bandage, Bacon Toothpick, Bacon Mint, Bacon Lip Balm, Bacon Junk Silicone Wristband

Chicken Socks – Crazy and fun chicken leg and knee socks

Chicken Hat-Make your habitat full of fashion with this luxurious plush chicken hat! The size fits most children and adults.

Beer Bell Fanny Pack-Big belly bag, thick hair, this is what a man looks like; so, this is an ideal gift for father, husband and boyfriend!

The bacon shirt-sports eggs are the side of the bacon shirt-perfect for bacon lovers!

Batman Throw – Made of soft, thick, luxurious wool with oversized loose sleeves, The Northwest Company’s Youth Comfy Throw with Sleeves protects the shoulders, arms and upper body from the cold, while allowing the arms and hands to use the laptop freely. TV remote control, reading books, making phone calls; or enjoying snacks. It measures 48 inches x 71 inches and uses a bold authorized design.

Beard Beingie-an award-winning 100% authentic original handmade beard hat that keeps your head and face warm in the cold winter. Accept no imitation or cheap counterfeit products!

Poo-Pourri-the original non-toxic toilet spray to stop bathroom odors before they start-really!No more trying to cover up the smells that are already in the air

Potty Putter Toilet Game – The perfect choice for golf lovers! Including your own green, a cup with flags, two golf balls, putters and a “do not disturb” mast.

Public toilet survival kit-you never know when you will encounter a public toilet with some cleaning problems, so please make sure you are ready to use this public toilet survival kit. Each kit includes a toilet seat snare, two disinfectant wipes and a pair of latex-free disposable gloves, which are sufficient to ensure your safety and hygiene even under the most challenging conditions.

Pick Your Nose Cups-Serving drinks with the humorous Fred and Friends PICK YOUR NOSE paper cups at your next party. Each package contains 24 cups. The paper structure is designed for one-time use and is completely recyclable. Each of these realistic paper cups is printed with a new nose. Each disposable cup can hold 12 ounces of liquid. This set includes 12 male and 12 female noses.

Dehydrated water-just add water to this interesting product. Use our new formula to eliminate thirst and add unlimited gallons of water after dilution. So practical-we can’t believe it can’t be launched sooner!

Money Maze-Give the most interesting GAG gift! – Combine puzzle games and gift boxes into one with this gift card puzzle box. This is a fun and cool way to give gifts.

Yodeling Pickle – A great gift for anyone who owns everything except Yodeling Pickle

Slingshot Flying Monkey-Slingshot Flying Monkey-What more can you ask for?

Tricera-Taco Rack-The prehistoric taco rack believed to be extinct is back and ready to carry 2 tacos on its back! Children like dinosaurs, and children like tacos. Combine the two to stimulate their imagination and love for both!

T-Rex shower head – Modeled on the head of a real Tyrannosaurus dinosaur skull, this spectacular shower head brings a prehistoric Jurassic feel to the shower time that kids of all ages and children will love!

Unicorn Mask-Latex Unicorn Mask is suitable for most adults and teenagers. It can be seen from the mouth and nostrils (a bit difficult to see from the nostrils), but what do you expect? This is an interesting mask.

Shark Salt and Pepper Shaker Rack-This powerful shark salt and pepper shaker set has action poses and amazingly realistic colors, amazing!

Bathroom guestbook-not an ordinary guestbook, the large part of the knocking throne room provides provocative tips and ample space for graffiti, helping your guests to represent themselves.

Bad Dad Jokes Book-A collection of “Divided Side” jokes collected from dads around the world, everyone thinks they are funny.

Useful white elephant gift ideas

While it’s great to have a lot of interesting gifts, it’s also great to have useful white elephant gift ideas. These items are often “stolen” and are very suitable for giving and receiving.

Everyone has a different idea of ​​what it means to be useful, but we have compiled a list of products (again-all from Amazon) that are convenient and suitable to be kept at home.

If you have more useful gift ideas, please let us know and we will definitely add them to the list!

Back and neck massager-the spa is too busy? Why not enjoy a luxurious massage in the comfort of your own home? Zyllion’s new Shiatsu pillow massager allows you to enjoy a wonderful Shiatsu massage anytime, anywhere!

Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer-Lasergrip 774 is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, allowing you to safely measure the surface temperature from a long distance while still maintaining the accuracy of the laser’s sharpness.

Hot Dog Toaster-The nostalgic retro series pop-up hot dog toaster is perfect for entertainment and a fast food solution for the whole family. The big hot dog cage can hold two normal or super plump hot dogs. Adjust the heating setting to cook hot dogs to your liking. Easily take out the hot dog cage and use the supplied mini clamp to take out the hot dog.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker-ready in 5 minutes, cook delicious breakfast sandwiches in the comfort of your home

Fireproof money and document bag-this fireproof and waterproof document bag is the perfect choice for those who pursue the ultimate! It can withstand high temperatures up to 1000°C (about 1832°F), and the large size provides sufficient storage space. You can put many valuables in it, such as cash, jewelry, passports, documents, tablets, photos, lithium batteries, etc. .

Survival Seed Bank-The Survival Seed Bank of Patriot Seeds provides you with everything you need to grow your own food and survive. Perfect for this year’s garden or as part of your long-term emergency preparedness plan!

Hot pot cup set-beautiful appearance and portable size make it a perfect chocolate hot pot cup for individuals or couples.

Electric hot pot-gathers guests together in a fun and stylish way, serving hors d’oeuvres, main dishes and desserts. Make delicious cheese dips for some breads and fruits, or try the decadent chocolate dessert fondue. Creatively and communally cook small amounts of meat and seafood in various oils and broths. The color-coded forks make it easy for guests to self-service.

Quesadilla Maker – Forget the restaurant – Enjoy your own flavour carnival at home with Hamilton Beach Quesadilla Maker. It is simple and fun to use. Just put a tortilla in the middle, add your favorite ingredients such as cheese, beans, vegetables or meat, put another tortilla, then close and lock the lid. In just a few minutes, you will have six warm golden tortillas.

Babycakes Donut Maker – Babycakes Mini Donut Maker can make 4 mini donuts in a few minutes. With this convenient product, breakfast becomes more interesting and delicious. It has a locking handle and a non-stick bakeware, as well as non-slip rubber feet and convenient rope wrap. Just wipe it clean after use, you can clean it up quickly and easily.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker-Provides high-quality sound, weatherproof, large volume, ultra-portable and stylish!

LED flashlight-this powerful and practical universal flashlight is the perfect gift for fathers, husbands, wives, boy scouts or college students on any occasion.

Homemade white elephant gift ideas

White elephant gifts can usually be found in your own house. If you don’t want to spend any money or spend very little money, here are some DIY/homemade white elephant gifts:

  • A bag full of empty TP rolls
  • A jar of shaved beard
  • Rock series
  • Wreath made of cereals or macaroni
  • DIY Spray Tan Kit (give a can of Cheetos with Spray Tan Kit attached to it)
  • A can of used gift cards (or very little balance)
  • DIY iPad-Glue an eye to the notepad
  • DIY doorbell-a piece of wood with a mousetrap on it (it says touch mousetrap-we will be here!)

We hope you enjoy these gift ideas!

We always hope to add more gifts to the list, so if you have more ideas, please be sure to send them the way we do. 🙂

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