Free Christmas Trivia Game | Little Luna

Free Christmas Trivia Game | Little Luna

Do you know what Frosty’s last words are? This Christmas trivia game will be the perfect complement to your next holiday party, not only to provide thinking, but also to bring laughter!

Printable Christmas trivia

Will you go to any Christmas parties this year? Or maybe you are hosting one?

We like Christmas parties and really like planning games for them. We almost always have a white elephant exchange and like to play some Christmas trivia games.

With this in mind, we put together these Christmas trivia printable games for your next holiday party. These trivia games are so popular that we decide to make a new version every year so that you can keep coming back and find new games to print.

Christmas trivia quiz

From Christmas movie questions or Christmas history, you will find various topics covered in this quiz. All you have to do is download and print (questions and answers will be in the same PDF), it will bring a lot of fun to your next party.

We like to let couples compete and always offer prizes to the right person. Here are some thoughts on the prizes we like to give away:

Again-the questions and answers will be in the PDF, as well as multiple versions of the quiz. 😉

To download, click below:

I hope you can use this game. It’s simple, fun, and perfect for your next Christmas party!

For Christmas games + fun, please check:

All Christmas inspirations go here. For all free prints, please click here.

Please enjoy!

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