Symbol of Christmas coloring page

Symbol of Christmas coloring page

With the holidays starting, hubby and I wanted to plan a little family night to discuss the real reason for this season. Most importantly, we want to make sure children understand that Christmas is more than a gift. 😉

So, last Monday we took out Nativity and went through all the sections and discussed what each one is. We then discussed the symbols of Christmas and how candy canes, trees and candles all represent different parts of the holiday’s true purpose. The kids love learning all about the symbols, even my hubby and I had a great time reviewing. I use the coloring pages found here for our family activities. When we get back to Arizona next week, I decided to make my own Christmas coloring page symbols for family activities.

To download these pages for printing and use, click here.

To download a lesson explaining what each symbol represents, click here.

(Answer comes from this site.)

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