Star Wars Land Food-A Must Eat!

Star Wars Land Food-A Must Eat!

“Star Wars Edge of the Galaxy” all food guide. From restaurants, stalls, etc. to the menus and favorite items of each place, we are all sharing!

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Star Wars: Food at the Edge of the Galaxy

It was great to go to the new Star Wars Paradise! Not because of its immersive and Star Wars feel, but because of the delicious food! This is currently my favorite dining place at Disney, because they have created a great menu to provide food for everyone.

Today, I will break down the food by restaurant, link to the official menu, share standard price points (the more, the more money), the food available, and my personal favorite food.

What better way to start than at a famous milk stall? !

Milk stand drink

Milk rack-menu-$

Here you can buy the famous Luke Skywalker blue and green milk.

  • Quick service
  • Menu Item
    • Blue Milk – a mixture of plant-based coconut and rice milk with attractive fruity characteristics
    • Green milk – a mixture of plant-based coconut and rice milk, with lively citrus and tropical characteristics
    • Toydaria Swirl – plant-based green milk with delicious lime seasoning and mango jelly
  • favorite food:
    • I like all milk, but I prefer blue.

Oga’s Cantina Food + Drink

Oga’s Bistro —— menu – $

This is a great place to order a variety of drinks and relax in the infamous puddle.

  • Quick service
  • Menu Item:
    • Alcohol:
      • Spiran Caf – Peru Alto Mayo Organic Joffrey’s Coffee®, orange marmalade, Gosling’s 151 rum, vanilla cream and citrus peel
      • Bloody Rancor – Tito Handmade Vodka, Ancho Reyes Chilean Liqueur, Spicy Bloody Mary Mix and Rancor Bone
    • No alcohol:
      • Blue Bantha – Blue Milk is refrigerated together with Bantha-inspired Vanilla-Butter Sugar Cookie
      • Moogan tea – Gold Peak® unsweetened tea, chocolate milk, vanilla and cinnamon
      • Black Spire Brew – Cold Brew Joffrey’s Coffee®, honey, Falernum, passion fruit and citrus
      • Tarine Tea – Gold Peak® unsweetened tea, peaches, cranberries and mint
    • food:
      • Mustafari Cinnamon Rolls-Sweet Galactic Delight
      • Rising Moon Overnight Oats-Oats, Dragon Fruit, Yogurt and Seasonal Fruits
  • favorite food:
    • Blue Bantha and The Rising Moons Overnight Oats are my favorites so far. I don’t drink alcohol, nor have I tried alcoholic beverages.

Dock Bay 7 Food

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo – Menu – $

Here, they serve American and vegetarian dishes. Come to Batu to taste various delicacies!

  • Quick service
  • Menu Item:
    • breakfast:
      • Rising Moon Overnight Oats-Oats, Yogurt, Seasonal Fruits, Popped Pearls
      • Mustafari Cinnamon Rolls-Sweet Galactic Delight
    • Lunch + dinner
      • main course
        • Smoked Kadu Pork Ribs-Sticky Pork Chops, Blueberry Corn Muffins, Cabbage Salad
        • Endorian Roasted Chicken Salad – Marinated chicken, mixed vegetables, roasted seasonal vegetables, quinoa and pumpkin seeds, mixed into green curry ranch
        • Batuuan beef stew-beef stew, Cavatelli pasta, withered kale, mushrooms
        • Endorain Fried Chicken Tip-Yip – Crispy chicken with vegetable mashed potatoes with herb gravy or macaroni, cheese and grilled vegetables
        • Yobshrimp Noodle Salad – Frozen shrimp, pickled noodles, vegetables
        • Felucian Kefta & Hummus Garden Spread – Vegetable meatballs, herb hummus, tomato cucumber sauce, pita bread
      • Children’s meal:
        • Takodana Veggie Dippers-black bean hummus, nut edible soil, frozen dipped vegetables, multigrain potato chips, small portions of low-fat milk or water.
        • Ithorian Garden Party Bun – Steamed buns, vegetable meatloaf, roasted carrots, homemade sauce and Cuties® Mandarin. Choose a small portion of low-fat milk or water.
        • Fried Chicken Tip-Yip Youngling Meal-Crispy chicken, macaroni, cheese and seasonal vegetables, with a small amount of low-fat milk or water.
      • dessert
        • Oi-Oi Puffs – Raspberry Cream Puffs, Passion Fruit Mousse
        • Batuu-bon – Chocolate cake, white chocolate mousse, coffee mousse
      • Drink
        • Moof Juice – Simply Fruit Punch®, Simply Orange® with Pineapple, Chipotle-Pineapple
        • Batuubucha Tea – Suja® Pineapple Passion Fruit Kombucha™
        • Phattro – Gold Peak® Sugar Free Tea, Odwalla® Lemonade, Desert Pear
        • Black Spire Hot Chocolate – Hot chocolate topped with brown sugar whipped cream
  • favorite food:
    • This is my current favorite place to eat in Disneyland! ! My favorites are grilled meat, Endorian salad and Oi-Oi puffs!

Note: There are many items that can be ordered for allergy sufferers. Refer to the menu to see the options.

Ronto Roasters food

Barbecue machine —— menu – $

If you are looking for some good protein, you should stop at Ronto Roasters. Here, you can find grilled sausages, grilled pork rolls and more.

  • Quick service
  • Menu Item
    • breakfast
      • Ronto Morning Wrap – scrambled eggs, grilled pork sausage, shredded cheddar cheese, pepper sauce, wrapped in pita bread
      • Rising Moon Overnight Oats-Oats, Yogurt, Seasonal Fruits, Popped Pearls
    • lunch dinner
      • Ronto Wrap – grilled pork, grilled pork sausage, pepper sauce, rich salad, wrapped in pita
      • Ronto-less Garden Wrap – Plant-based sausage, spicy kimchi salad, sweet pickled cucumber, plant-based Gochujang sauce, pita wrap
      • Kyryll Pig Skin – Kyryll Pig Skin Cinnamon Candy
    • Drink
      • Tatooine Sunset – Gold Peak® Unsweetened Tea, Odwalla® Lemonade with Melon and Blueberries
      • Sour Sarlacc – Minute Maid® Limeade with raspberry and spicy mango
      • Meiloorun juice – Barrilitos® Aguas Frescas pineapple, Simply Lemonade® blueberry, white cranberry juice, lemon juice and desert pear
      • Black Spire Hot Chocolate – Hot chocolate topped with brown sugar whipped cream
  • favorite food
    • Ronto Morning Wrap and regular Ronto Wrap are my favorites. Yes, I crave them every week. My favorite drink is Melody Juice. And don’t forget the morning oats!

Kettle from KAT SAKA

The Kettle of Giza —— menu – $

Who likes popcorn? Well, if you do, this is the place for you. You will find irresistible sweet and savory popcorn.

  • Quick service
  • Menu Item
    • Crater Red Salt Chocolate Popcorn – Chocolate Kettle Corn Sprinkled with Red Salt
    • Outpost Popcorn Mix – a colorful mix of sweet and spicy flavors
  • favorite food
    • I like both of them, but I prefer chocolate. 😉

Should you go to Star Wars Land? Yes! This place is visually great and a must visit, but be sure to check the food. This is my favorite part.

Please also note that many products can be ordered through the mobile ordering section of the Disneyland and My Disney Experience apps. If you haven’t tried them before, you must. Link your credit card and order your items through fun, then walk over, let them know you are there through the app, and then pick up your food. It’s amazing!

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