Save Your Disney Memories – Lil’ Luna

Save Your Disney Memories – Lil’ Luna

Disney paid for my family’s vacation to Walt Disney World. As always, all opinions are my own.

If you’ve been following the past few months, you’ll know that our family went on vacation to Walt Disney World last year. It was an amazing holiday that we hope will never be forgotten. To make sure that doesn’t happen, our family has some tips and tricks to share to help you preserve your Disney memories. All the ideas and tips shared today are things we do in our own homes to make sure we never forget how amazing our Disney vacations were.

Here’s a video that helps capture the magic…

How to save your Disney memories:

  • Print the pictures – kids love pictures! With a digital camera, you can easily leave your images on an SD card or computer, but printing photos and making them easily accessible can allow your kids to relive their favorite Disney moments. We also like to frame their favorite photos in their room or pin it to their cork board.

  • Make Photo Books – Our kids are addicted to photo books. It’s tradition to make a book for each holiday, and kids love to read them. We tried to put them on the bookshelf so they could look at them at will. Not only are photo albums inexpensive and easy to make, they’re a great way to keep all your favorite Disney photos in one place.

Watch footage of them riding on Thunder Mountain.

  • Home Video – Every year I ask my husband for a gift and only have one. I asked him to record all our videos from that year and put them on DVD. This is the best gift I could get because our whole family loves getting together and watching these videos. We like to make an entire DVD for every Disney vacation because we tend to shoot a lot of video at the park. We mostly use our phones for footage, but also had the pleasure of giving our daughter an old camera to record her views, as well as strapping a GoPro for our kids on the rides. These happen to be our kids’ favorite family videos! Making sure we capture these wonderful moments is important to us because we want our kids to remember their magical experiences when they visit Disneyland.
  • DISNEY’S MEMORY MAKER – With the Disney PhotoPass service, everyone is in the picture, and Memory Maker allows you to download all your favorite digital photos. From meet and greets with characters to ride photos to slow-motion videos on specific rides, Disney has it all! Although this is an extra fee, we have realized that with this service, they are able to take photos and videos that we would never be able to. This makes it an amazing and invaluable service, well worth it to us. One of the kids’ favorite things to do after the holidays is look up these photos and videos on the computer. They especially love the videos available through this service, so be sure to consider buying this product. Save $20 by purchasing in advance. 😉
  • Souvenirs – Our kids love souvenirs! ! Because of this, we like to give them the opportunity to earn money before the holidays so they can buy their own souvenirs. Buying it yourself is no problem, but our kids love to buy their favorite toys and products “with their own money” and they tend to take better care of them knowing they’re paying for it themselves. 😉

As you can see, there are a lot of things you can do to preserve your Disney memories. We know this can be more difficult when they’re younger, but doing any or all of the above will help make sure your family remembers their magical Disney vacation!

Please enjoy!

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