Kitchen Rules Printable – Lil’ Luna

Kitchen Rules Printable – Lil’ Luna

Hi, everybody! Kendra from Kendra John Designs. I’m excited to share a fun new print with you guys here!

My family and I recently built a new house. It’s a very interesting process, but it’s also challenging, exhausting, difficult…and a billion decisions to make. I bet anyone building a house would agree. So much fun and crazy again! Ultimately, we love our new home and our decision to build!

I would say my main focus when building a house is the kitchen. The kitchen is like the heart of a home. So when Kristen and I were talking about what kind of print I should design and share with you guys, I jumped up when she came up with the kitchen rules print! I designed this art print with a place in my own kitchen in mind.

I hope you like it too! I chose a black and white color scheme so it can match a wider range of kitchens. It also looks cute and it’s a fun colorful frame!

I hope you like it! ! !

** I get a lot of questions about the fonts I use in my designs. I talk about the fonts I use in this FONTS post.


How cute is this print? ! Can’t wait to add it to my kitchen!

Thanks, Kendra!

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Please enjoy!

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