Kitchen Conversion Chart

Kitchen Conversion Chart

Free Kitchen Conversion Chart Print – Available in 6 Colors. Handy when you don’t remember these conversions!

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Hey! Kendra here, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve googled “how many cups are in a pint?”…like every time I go to the store I have a thicker on my shopping list cream!

That’s why I was so excited when Kristin suggested we make a printable kitchen conversion table for you guys! I really need this! ! I plan on printing it and banging it on the inside of my kitchen cabinets! Or it would fit nicely inside the cover of a recipe too!

You can download 6 color options below! I hope you like it!

Printing Tip: If you want to print it in a narrow cabinet or recipe, set the scale to less than 100%. Try 75% or 50%.

I love this free kitchen conversion table printable. Do you know how many times I Google these conversions every month? !

I am so excited to print, laminate and add this lovely chart to the side of the fridge.

Thank you, Kendra!

For more of her amazing work, be sure to head over to Kendra John Designs

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