How to make fried wontons-step by step

How to make fried wontons-step by step

Fried ravioli can be used as a side dish or appetizer, suitable for any Italian meal. Crispy on the outside and cheesy on the inside, we like to serve it with the hot Marinara.

The crunch, cheese and deliciousness perfectly describe these fried wontons. If you like fried zucchini or fried macaroni and cheese, you will also like this simple dish.

Fried delicious

Do you like wontons? ? This is not something I often eat when I grow up, but as a mother who loves pasta and cheese with a child, I often do it!

You may not remember the cheese ravioli baking I posted not long ago, but it was a huge blow to the family! I know my family likes wontons, so I decided to make some fried wontons, just like we make fried zucchini. Not only simple, but also delicious!

The family especially likes this recipe and some warm marina sauce, which makes these bite-sized beauties irresistible. If you are looking for simple appetizers or even side dishes for your Italian meal, I strongly recommend you to try them. This is delicious! !

How to make fried wontons

First heat some oil over medium heat.

While heating, it is important to make bread crumbs for wontons. To do this, pour milk into a bowl, pour a cup of flour into a bowl or bag, and the same goes for breadcrumbs.

Add the wonton to the milk, making sure it is all wet. Add the flour, shake until it is wrapped, then put it back in the milk, then a bag of breadcrumbs. Shake to coat, then add in hot oil and fry until golden brown.

Sprinkle parmesan cheese on the grilled ravioli while it is hot, and serve with marila sauce.

Change it

This recipe can be based on the spices or even breadcrumbs you add to your mixture (there are several kinds of breadcrumbs. We often like to use Panko for frying, this is another option.

You can also use different types of wontons. We used standard cheese filling, but you can use meat filling or another favorite is spinach and cheese filling.

This recipe can also use different dipping sauces, including our homemade ranch.

Do you want to cook a meal? Serve it with some pasta or marinara sauce. 😉

We hope you enjoy this recipe as much as our family. It’s hard not to like fried food, so we have a feeling that you will like this dish.

For more information about Italy, please check:

Course main course

Italian food

Preparation time 10 minutes

Cooking time 5 minutes

15 minutes total time

8 servings

Calories 377 kcal

Author Little Luna

  • Olive oil for frying
  • 1 pack of wonton shop bought
  • 2 cups buttermilk
  • 2 cups flour
  • 2 cups breadcrumbs
  • 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
  • Marinara
  • Heat the oil to medium heat.

  • Put 10 wontons into a bowl of milk at a time. Make sure all sides are wet.

  • From there, add a gallon of a bag of flour and shake it. Add milk again, making sure all the noodles are wet, and then add a bag of breadcrumbs. Shake from side to side.

  • Add to the oil and dry until golden brown. Place it on a plate with paper towels to help drain the oil. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. Repeat this process until all the pieces are breaded and fried. Serve immediately. Please enjoy!

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