How to keep the toilet clean

How to keep the toilet clean

Hello! I’m Kimberley from Night Owls, and I’m back this month with another simple and useful family tip!So far, I have shared proven and authentic techniques on how to prevent windshield cracks from spreading, how to quickly soften butter for excellent baking, and how to remove ink stains on clothes. Today we will introduce How to keep the toilet clean!

As the mother of two boys, I struggled in the bathroom. Are there anyone else in the same boat? You know what I mean, right? Most importantly, I also live in Arizona, where they have what they call “hard water.” This means that the mineral content in the water is high, which can cause calcium to accumulate and hard spots where water is present. Double bathroom bummer. But recently I started to solve my bathroom problem, and want to share with you some tips on how to keep the toilet clean! In the long run, this will save you time and effort.

what do you need? Vinegar (cleaning vinegar is stronger and works best), brushes, and some tape. Yes, tape! Stay with me. You still need time. Do all of this before everyone sleeps for one night, because towards the end you will want to let things sit down overnight. But I surpassed myself.

first step? Turn off the water in the toilet. You know, that little hose and knob behind the toilet. It may be as dusty as mine. After turning off the water source, flush the toilet to empty the tank, and then pour a gallon of water into the toilet to flush out all the water.

Deep clean now! You will want to scrub the rim of the toilet and clean the siphon. These are just holes in the toilet, which are the key to keeping the toilet clean and the work we are going to do today. Then wipe them dry under the edges, because we are going to seal them with tape next.

Now that your rims and siphon are clean and dry, stick them with tape. Cover the edges of each siphon with tape to make sure they are safe.

Now pour the vinegar into the toilet tank and flush the toilet! This allows the vinegar to flow into the siphon, while the tape will leave it there!

Then let the vinegar sit on the edge and siphon overnight. The next morning, you can remove the tape and turn the water back to flush the toilet a few times to get everything back to normal. That’s it! Now you have done a deep cleaning of the siphon, which will help you keep the toilet clean for a long time!


Gah-I totally need to do this! ! I do it all to keep my toilet clean for longer!

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