How to choose a good watermelon tips + tricks

How to choose a good watermelon tips + tricks

How to choose a good watermelon. These super simple tips can give you a melon every time!

Be sure to follow these steps to pick a good watermelon so that it will be juicy every time. Serve these sweet chips with a bunch of Dr. Pepper Ribs and corn on the cob, and enjoy the perfect barbecue!

Who doesn’t love watermelon? !

In the summer, I am especially obsessed with this sweet and refreshing fruit. I often think about how wonderful life would be if I kept it in the refrigerator for a whole year!

Over the years, I have learned some tips and methods for selecting high-quality watermelons, and I want to make sure you know what they are so that you can also use them.

I know that people often say that buying a good watermelon is accidental, but if you are looking for something when choosing a watermelon, that’s not necessarily the case. Once you choose it, here are some tips for cutting it!

Delicious, red and juicy! ! Watermelon should look like this, and if you follow these tips, it should help pick a melon. 😉

How to choose a good watermelon

When choosing melons, remember these tips…

  • Looking for rhubarb spots ——This is where the watermelon is in the field. Make sure it is the right size and is yellow.
  • Give it a good blow – You want to make sure it sounds hollow.
  • Dull outside – You want to make sure that the outside of the watermelon looks dull. The shiny watermelon means it is not ripe.
  • lift it up – You want to make sure that its size is heavy, which means there is a ton of water in it (what do you want!!)
  • Nice oval – A watermelon with a uniform shape indicates that it has received perfect sunlight and moisture.
  • Bee stings and white scars -Look for these little guys. These small traces indicate that it is sweet enough that even bees want to get in. The sting looks like brown lines or dots on a melon.

Service skills

Not sure about you, but watermelon is a necessity on July 4th, so I hope these tips will help you pick a good watermelon for Independence Day. 🙂

Another thing we like to do in the summer is to make watermelon juice-great! Or prepare a large glass of fresh frozen watermelon smoothie.

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