Healthy Halloween snack great for parties!

Healthy Halloween snack great for parties!

All you need is a black sharp, and you can turn skewers of cheese, citrus and fruit cups into cute and festive healthy Halloween snacks. They are so easy! !

The perfect and healthy Halloween snacks for the party are perfect to pair with Halloween Gak snacks, mummies biscuits and Slushy Punch for any celebration. They also made a great charity! !

Halloween party snacks

I have attended many Halloween class parties, and I usually know what to expect. There are usually some food, costume competitions and fun games during the itinerary, but last year I was asked to only make healthy Halloween snacks.

I think it will be difficult to find some cute but healthy ideas, but alas, it is not difficult at all. The teacher wanted to give each child 3 snacks, so I decided to make some ghost skewers cheese, pumpkin clementine and pumpkin peach cups.

It took a little time to draw all the faces, but it is very simple and very suitable for parties. I thought the kids might be disappointed because they didn’t get the candy, but they like pumpkins and funny faces so much that they don’t even seem to notice! !

These apply not only to classroom parties, but also to any party. We all know that we will get the hospitality we deserve in these types of activities, so it’s good to mix some healthy hospitality there. 😉

Simple Halloween snack

collect. It doesn’t take much to make these cute and healthy Halloween snacks. All you need is:

  • Cheese Sticks
  • Cup of Yellow Peach
  • Clementine
  • Black sharp

painting! ! Just draw the faces, make sure they are dry, and you are done! It’s very simple! ! This is a close-up of snacks…

More Halloween party ideas!

In addition to healthy Halloween treats, you can also enjoy Some fun halloween activities Make it for kids. I have some trivia tables and links to some coloring pages you might like to use:

more Healthy snacks idea:

  • Celery monster: Add peanut butter to a slice of celery, then put 3-4 candy eyes on it
  • Ghost Fruit Cup: Use a pear cup to draw a grimace.
  • Spider biscuits: Add peanut butter to Ritz cookies. Use pretzels to make 8 leaves and place the second biscuit on top. Finally, add red heat to the eyes.
  • Banana Ghost: Peel the banana and cut in half. Add mini chocolate chips on top of the eyes.
  • Apple Mummy: Use a vegetable peeler to partially peel it to look like a mummy. Add mini chocolate chips for eyes or candy eyes.
  • Frankenstein Cup: Fill a transparent cup with green grapes. Put a plastic cover on it, and use a marker to mark Frankenstein’s face.

More Halloween party food ideas:

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