Halloween Gak Treats

Halloween Gak Treats

A few weeks ago, I posted my No Tricks Just Treats Jar. One of the things I did for it was make some super cute Halloween vending capsules full of little things. Remember them? If not, you can view them here.

Well, thinking about those vending capsules and the homemade Gak we made earlier this year, I knew I just had to make some Halloween Gak Treats. I used the same concept to fill the capsules with color coordinating gak depending on the Halloween character used and they turned out perfect! ! ! What kid doesn’t want a fun-filled Halloween Gak Treat on your doorstep? !

If you want to make them too, here is the tutorial:

Find Gak’s ingredients here – (Elmer’s glue, water, borax and food coloring)

Vending capsules (can be found online)

vinyl for faces or permanent markers for painting them

1. First make the Gak in the color you want. I made green for Frankenstein capsules and orange for pumpkin. You can also make white for ghosts or purple for witches. 🙂 Add your gak to your capsule. I was able to fill about 8 capsules with a batch of gak.

2. Then cut out your vinyl for your capsule. I used Pumkinheads (a dingbat) which can be downloaded here. I also used DB Jack o Patterns 3, a dingbat I bought from scrapnfont.com. If you don’t have a vinyl cutter, don’t worry! ! You can always use these decorations as patterns, drawing them out with a permanent marker.

3. Add your vinyl to your capsule.

Now you can hand out these capsules for Halloween and the kids will love it! !

These are also great Halloween party favors. I’ll actually be handing them out at my daughter’s birthday party in a few weeks since it’s Halloween theme. They also make the perfect prize for the game we’re playing.

I hope you enjoy these as much as my kids do!

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Please enjoy!

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