Free baby shower candy bar game-4 colors

Free baby shower candy bar game-4 colors

This free baby shower candy bar game is a favorite of any baby shower. Just print it out and let attendees match baby terms with sweets! The one with the most correct answers wins!

Candy Bar Baby Shower Game

Who likes baby showers here? ! When relatives become pregnant, they have become a tradition. In our family, when a family member gives birth to the first child, and when they give birth to the first child of the opposite sex, we always have a baby bath (our family often has many children, so it’s not easy for each Babies provide showers!) 😉 Because we like showers, we also like to make them fun by playing baby shower games-games like today’s baby shower candy bar games.

Have you played games before? too easy! All you have to do is to print the game and have everyone fill in them by matching pregnancy terms with candy bars.

As a gift, we usually like to put a mini version of each candy mentioned in the game in a small basket.

There are several options to download and use this game. We have a solid color version, a dot version, a GIRL version and a boy version. Each one is cute and perfect for your next shower.

Likewise, all you have to do is download and print the forms, and then use them in the shower. Simple peasy, very interesting!

Dot version:

Download-click here

Click here to see the answer.

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