Eggs for lunch

Eggs for lunch

As you can tell from this week’s posts, we have tons of hard boiled eggs around the house!

Well, it’s funny that my husband and I love hard boiled eggs but haven’t had them in years. Just this week, we were reminded how much we love them and that we should be making them more often. My husband went on to say that it was one of his favorite things to eat as a kid, and it made me think “hmmm…will make some for his lunch at work.” Then I had a better idea!

Today: Watch out for eggs for lunch

That’s right! I thought I’d send him some info about his eggs. Not long ago, I started writing him notes on his bananas and thought it would change everything. 🙂

I like their results. You can make these for your spouse, your kids, or anyone! It’s just a great way to message loved ones during the day without using an electronic device – haha!

Like some of the other decorated eggs I’ve made this week, they’re so easy!

-Fully boiled eggs

-Dye kit

-Vinyl or sticker

1. Boil the eggs. There is a great tutorial here. Let dry.

2. Design your vinyl record. Cut, peel and add adhesive to vinyl.

3. Add vinyl/stickers to the eggs. Make sure they stay in good shape by pressing down.

4. Add eggs to dye cup (dye kit instructions). Let’s stay there for a while. Pull out and dry.

5. Peel off the vinyl. The message will be there (probably not perfect but close enough).

Some of the notes I made include:


PS: I love you

have a nice day

happy Easter!

I kind of want to embarrass him with the last one, which I think will work. 😉

(He gets embarrassed easily – haha!)

So fun and so easy, it allows you to do some egg coloring without the kids and it’s so much fun!

What words would you put on your eggs?

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Please enjoy!

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