DIY witch hat

DIY witch hat

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Don’t you like Halloween? !

The kids are so excited, it’s hard not to be excited myself. I don’t think it has to be because of the candy, but because of all the fun events of the month like carnivals, pumpkin patch outings and tree trunks or treats! !

My daughter Lily was so excited to dress up this year that I decided to make her a cute and easy DIY witch hat out of felt. She was happy that I made it, so I went to Michael’s house to get all the supplies. Best of all, it ended up costing just a few dollars and was the perfect addition to her witch costume. I also love that it’s a great piece to have if you want to get a little festive without dressing up. In fact, I think I’ll be wearing it when Lily isn’t paying attention. 😉

Here’s what you need to make this adorable DIY witch hat…


– Black Felt (2 large pieces) – found at Michael’s

– Decorations (spiders and crows) – found at Michael’s house

– Hot glue gun and stick

– headscarf

– lace


1. Gather all your supplies.

2. Draw a circle on your large felt (I used a plate). Cut out and cut in half of the circle.

3. Wrap the felt until a cone is formed. Cut off the excess.

4. Cut another circle a bit larger than the bottom of the felt cone. I used a harder glitter black felt.

5. Hot glue the cone to the glitter felt. I hot glued the lace around the rim to make it more festive and hide the hot glue.

6. Then I hot glued some spiders and a crow to the hat.

7. From there I cut a piece of felt (I made a heart just because) and hot glued it to our headband.

It’s very simple!

The whole project took only half an hour to complete and only cost a few dollars – SCORE! !

Doesn’t Lily look cute? ! love it! !

I want to make sure you know that something great is going on with Michael right now…

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Please enjoy!

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