A diaper change can take a village

A diaper change can take a village

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It seems to me that every time I log on to social media, there is a new natural disaster somewhere on the globe: earthquakes in Mexico, hurricanes across the Gulf, devastation, and families torn apart by their world. Among you Many of you may know that we recently moved from suburban Houston. Our hearts hurt as all of our friends and neighbors are going through the terrible and devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey. I ask my husband over and over again how we can best help from where we are. (Spoiler: If you sometimes ask yourself the same question, there’s a cute printable at the end of the post to help you).

The answer to our question comes from my ongoing collaboration. One of the side benefits of being a part of this blog is that I occasionally get to work with individuals and companies that are doing amazing things that I’d love to support.One such collaboration is with the Huggies and their no baby to hold program. Huggies became a founding sponsor of the National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN) in 2011 in an effort to address diaper needs across the United States. Huggies since 2011 no baby to hold Has been supporting the organization and donated over 200 million diapers and baby wipes, including important donations in times of crisis. We hear over and over again that Houston is in desperate need of many supplies, one of which is diapers. This is the opportunity we’ve been looking for. We absolutely love the idea of ​​sending hugs to babies and families in our old community through diapers. In the suburbs close to our home, the NDBN has the Fort Bend Diaper Bank. Through this organization, we can direct our donations to provide diapers for all families currently struggling with children.

What I need to remember more often is that crises and natural disasters are not the only reasons to donate and help organizations like NDBN. It’s sad to hear how necessities like diapers are actually causing stress and worry for families across the United States dealing with diaper needs. A recently published study, Diaper demand and its impact on American householdsResearch from the Huggies and NDBN shows that three in five parents actually miss work or school due to diaper needs because they don’t have enough clean diapers to send their children to nursery, daycare or other educational programs. This blows my mind! If you think this is rare, they also found that one-third of American households struggle with diaper needs. Since diapers are not covered by government subsidies, there is much greater demand from families struggling with diaper demand.

So, what can you do? The Huggies and NDBN actually make it really easy to help with their current job because they know that “a diaper change can take a village.” Here’s what you can do:

  • You can donate funds or diapers to established diaper banks as we do at nationaldiaperbanknetwork.org.
  • You can volunteer for a diaper drive for your local diaper bank
  • Or, if you want something really simple, you can donate the Huggies Rewards points you’ve earned when purchasing Huggies products here. The Huggies will convert these points into diapers they donate to the NDBN.

As the holidays approach, we love to start thinking about interesting service opportunities we can help others as a family. Volunteering at a bank or hosting a diaper event can certainly be enjoyed by all and can have a very important impact on families who feel stressed and helpless.

With so many opportunities to help those in trouble these days, I thought I hope this post focuses on serving others selflessly. I stumbled across a famous quote that resonated with me. Gandhi once said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” We created this printable that you can place in your home, office, or wherever you want to be reminded Where, there are others less fortunate than us, and we can make life a little bit better for them and ourselves by reaching out to the outdoors.

Yellow offer:

Turquoise Quotation:

To download, click the link below:

Yellow Service Printing Quote

Turquoise Services Print Quote

I am so excited that we are able to donate to the National Diaper Bank Network. Doing things for others always brings me joy, and I firmly believe it’s the best way to “lose myself.”

I am so excited that we are able to donate to the National Diaper Bank Network. Doing things for others always brings me joy, and I firmly believe it’s the best way to “lose myself.”

For more information on Huggies and how you can help in the No Baby Unhugged program, be sure to go to Huggies.com.

Please enjoy!

Huggies—the fastest-growing diaper brand for U.S. hospitals—believes in the power of hugs, which is why every diaper and wipe is inspired by parental hugs. The Huggies No Baby Unhugged program helps ensure that all babies get the hugs they need to thrive by supporting hug programs in hospitals and donating diapers across the country. Learn how to help at Huggies.com/NoBabyUnhugged. #HuggiesCouncil #advertising

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