25+ Easy Vegan Pasta Recipes

25+ Easy Vegan Pasta Recipes

Whether you’re vegan or just enjoy the occasional meatless recipe, all of these vegetarian pasta recipes are sure to please you!

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Meatless, stuffing, delicious!

I don’t claim to be vegan (I love delicious pasta with chicken or Italian sausage!), but sometimes I do want lighter pasta.

Other times, I just don’t have meat on hand or time to cook, which is why these meatless pasta recipes come in handy!

For those of you who are regular vegetarians, I think you’ll love these pasta recipes too! I have hot pasta and cold pasta salad. Most of them are packed with other delicious veggies and cheeses that make them delicious and filling!

Vegetarian Pasta Tips

Before we get into the recipe list, I want to share some pasta substitutes.

First, you can substitute another pasta shape. Spaghetti, Angel hair, Linguine and Fettuccine are all similar and can be substituted for each other.

Penne, bow tie, wagon wheel, shell, rigatoni, fusilli, ziti are also often used interchangeably.

Second, you can use a pasta substitute. One of my favorites is spaghetti squash.you can also use

  • Spiral Vegetables – steamed or cooked to soften them
  • Eggplant Lasagna
  • Cabbage Noodles
  • tofu noodles
  • Seaweed Pasta
  • Zucchini Noodles

Each of these vegetarian pasta recipes has more tips, tricks, and storage information.

vegetarian pasta

vegetarian pasta

Each of these dishes are naturally meatless, but they still have plenty of filling! Not to mention they are delicious and often loaded with tasty veggies. You won’t even notice they have no meat!

Main Dish Cheese Bow Tie Pasta Bake Recipe

Cheesy Bow Tie Pasta Bake – Favorite Dinner Recipe! ! The whole family loves this cheesy dish. A hearty dish with bow tie pasta, parsley, tomatoes and lots of cheese!

Total time: 50 minutes

Main Dish Pasta Primavera Recipe

A tried and true dinner recipe! Delicious pasta filled with vegetables like zucchini, squash, bell peppers and tomatoes.

Total time: 35 minutes

Check out this recipe for Entree Cheese Spinach Alfredo Lasagna Recipe

Cheesy Spinach Alfredo Lasagna – This dish is filled with cheese and spinach and served with Alfredo sauce. This is our new way to enjoy lasagna!

Total time: 55 minutes

Check out this recipe for Main Dish Garlic Butter Pasta Recipe

Easy Garlic Butter Pasta is filled with veggies and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. It’s simple and full of flavor!

Total time: 30 minutes

Check out this recipe for Entree Three Cheese Pasta Bake Recipe

If you like creamy, cheesy, white sauce pasta, then you’ll absolutely love this three-cheese pasta bake recipe. Filled with ricotta, parmesan and mozzarella, and so easy to put together! The whole family loves this recipe! !

Total time: 45 minutes

Main Dish Lemony Asparagus Pasta Recipe

This Lemony Asparagus Pasta is simple yet tastes great! Made with macaroni, mixed with asparagus and covered in a cheese sauce with a hint of lemon.

Total time: 25 minutes

Check out this recipe for Main Dish Roasted Spaghetti Squash Recipe

Learn how to cook spaghetti squash perfectly every time with this fabulous recipe! Tender shredded loofah tossed with cheese, tomatoes and a little basil is healthy and delicious!

Total time: 40 minutes

Check out this recipe for Main Course Lasagna Rolls

Everything you love about lasagna, but easier! What’s not to love about a delicious mix of spinach and three cheeses rolled in lasagna noodles and slathered with marinara sauce? !

Total time: 45 minutes

Check out this recipe for Main Dish Baked Ravioli Recipe

Easy Cheesy Baked Ravioli – A quick, easy and delicious dinner recipe the whole family will love! It’s so cheesy and so delicious!

Total time: 21 minutes

check out this recipe

Vegetarian Pasta Salad

Vegetarian Pasta Salad

Pasta salads are always a great side dish, and these salads are extra light and fresh. Enjoy them as a side dish or as a delicious lunch.

Salad Spinach Ravioli Salad Recipe

This cold tortellini salad is the ultimate side dish for barbecues and light meals! Tossed in tortellini, spinach, tomatoes, olives, and Parmesan cheese, this tortellini spinach salad is packed with all the best flavors!

Total time: 20 minutes

Check out this recipe for a side dish Easy Pasta Salad Recipe

Easy and delicious pasta salad recipe with rotini pasta, olives, tomatoes and cheese in Italian dressing! It only takes a few minutes to make and is perfect for any gathering, including barbecues and the holidays.

Total time: 2 hours 15 minutes

Check out this recipe for Salad Greek Pasta Salad Recipe

This delicious Greek Pasta Salad is filled with rotini pasta, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and feta cheese and is topped with a delicious Greek dressing! This is our new pasta salad, light and refreshing.

Total time: 20 minutes

Check out this recipe for Appetizer, Side Bow Pasta Salad Recipe for a great summer dish – Bow Tie Pasta Salad Recipe on lilluna.com Delicious pasta, veggies, and dressing!

Total time: 20 minutes

Main Course, Salad Vegetables Pasta Salad Recipe

A delicious vegan pasta salad filled with your favorite veggies and served with a homemade balsamic dressing and parmesan cheese.

Total time: 30 minutes

Salad Fresh Mozzarella Pasta Salad Recipe

Easy Fresh Mozzarella Pasta Salad is light and delicious. This easy salad is a new favorite!

Total time: 15 minutes

Check out this recipe for Salad Caprese Pesto Pasta Salad Recipe

Caprese Pesto Pasta Salad is a light, full-flavored dish that’s perfect for potlucks, parties, barbecues and gatherings!

Total time: 15 minutes

Check out this recipe for Salad Taco Pasta Salad Recipe

A delicious Taco Pasta Salad with beans, corn, tomatoes, avocado and more! !

Total time: 15 minutes

check out this recipe

make it meatless

make it meatless

Chicken, beef, or pork is listed in the ingredient list for these recipes. However, you can easily omit them, or use meat substitutes to make them into delicious vegetarian pasta recipes.

I’m not vegan so I don’t know which products are the best. I think those vegetarians already know that, so go ahead and use your favorite substitute!

Main Dish Pasta Recipe

This easy pasta recipe is kid-friendly and made with a delicious homemade pasta sauce, making it the perfect family dinner recipe!

Total time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Check out this recipe for Salad, Side Layered Pasta Salad Recipe

A dish that your taste buds and eyes can’t put it down! This beautiful layered pasta salad is filled with your favorite toppings, including pasta, chicken, peas, lettuce, celery, and more.

Total time: 13 minutes

Check out this recipe for Main Dish Pasta Carbonara Recipe

A creamy, delicious pasta filled with cream cheese, parmesan, garlic and bacon. Because there are only a few ingredients, this pasta Carbonara tastes great!

Total time: 25 minutes

Check out this recipe for Main Dish Bruschetta Chicken Pasta Recipe

Easy and delicious Chicken Bruschetta Pasta is a hot pasta filled with all the flavors of a classic Bruschetta – chicken, tomatoes, basil and mozzarella.

Total time: 25 minutes

Check out this recipe for Salad, Side Macaroni Salad Recipe

An easy creamy pasta salad with pasta, peas and ham. It’s perfect for parties, family meals and potlucks!

Total time: 18 minutes

Check out this recipe for Entree Crockpot Lasagna Recipe

Classic Lasagna in the Slow Cooker! This delicious crock pot recipe contains all the layers everyone loves but makes easier noodles, cheese, sauces and meats.

Check out this recipe for Entree, Soup Chili Pasta Recipe

Delicious Chili Spaghetti is a Midwestern twist on a classic chili bowl. Just the right amount of spice is plentiful! !

Total time: 2 hours 15 minutes

Check out this recipe for Appetizers, Salads Chinese Pasta Salad Recipe

Chinese Pasta Salad – Filled with lettuce, noodles, fried wontons and more, tossed with a delicious homemade dressing.

Total time: 6 minutes

Check out this recipe for Entree Sun Dried Tomato Pasta Recipe

A knockoff version of the Cheesecake Factory Sun Dried Tomato Lasagna recipe. This delicious and creamy dish is filled with chicken nuggets, garlic, whipped cream, spinach, and sweet sun-dried tomatoes. Not only is it delicious, but it’s a great way to change up a classic fettuccine recipe.

Total time: 25 minutes

Check out this recipe for Entree Pesto Pasta Recipe

This Chicken Pesto Pasta is a delicious and easy dinner idea sure to please. It’s filled with bowtie pasta, chicken nuggets, cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, and pesto, making it a new go-to meal recipe.

Total time: 25 minutes

Check out this recipe for Main Dish Baked Pasta Recipe

Cheesy Baked Spaghetti – An easy, delicious dinner recipe with hamburgers, sausage, cheese and more! Everyone will love this dinner recipe!

Total time: 40 minutes

check out this recipe

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