Rabbit Pudding Cup Print – Lil’ Luna

Rabbit Pudding Cup Print – Lil’ Luna

Hello, I’m Lily – again!

Did you have a good week? I know I did it!

Our class has just started studying animals. Guess what animal I picked? Fennec fox! Did you know they set the record for a quick gasp? They do it more than 100 times a minute. The actual number is 690! They are the smallest of all foxes which makes them very cute.

Speaking of cute animals, we made these bunny pudding cups. Aren’t they cute (like fennec foxes)? They’re perfect for Easter or even your kid’s lunch box (that’s what I did!!) They’re perfect for Easter parties or Easter egg hunts! Here’s what you need to make them:


  • Vanilla Pudding Cups
  • Rabbit Prints (download below)
  • 1 ½ inch hole punch
  • glue point


  1. Download, print and cut out BUNNY PRINTS (at the bottom of the post). Use a 1 ½ inch hole punch to punch out the bunny face.

2. Attach the bunny ears to the back of the upside-down pudding and the face to the front.

That’s it!

Now you have a super cute Easter Bunny gift to hand out at a party or event! !

I hope you can come back soon for more delicious food from me.

love, lily


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I hope you have a nice time getting ready for Easter.

Don’t forget to make these – your kids will love it…especially if they love pudding. 😉

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love, lily

I give two thumbs up…that’s great! !

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