Mini Cupcake Graduation Caps

Mini Cupcake Graduation Caps

Graduating next week! !

Do you know someone who is about to graduate?

My BIL is graduating from ASU, so I decided last week to do something good that I want to share with you over the next few days.

The first one is some mini cupcake graduation hats, they are super easy to use and very popular, especially with the kids!


– Chocolate cake mix (and toppings)

– Mini cupcake liners and pans

– Chocolate Frosting

– Keebler Deluxe Graham

– Pull n Peel Licorice (or other sweets that can serve as graduation tassels)

– Mini M&MS

– Knife


1. Begin by making the cupcakes in a mini cupcake pan. Freeze for a few hours when done so they are easier to work with. Cut off the tops so they lie flat on the surface when you turn them over.

2. Add frosting on top (actual bottom of cupcake). Then add chocolate graham crackers on top. To make it easier for myself, I added the frosting to a bag, cut off the corner tips, and piped it on.

3. Cut the peel for the tassel. I cut mine off two inches. Then I used a marker to smooth out the ends so the m&m would stay on more easily and it would look more like a fringe at the end. (PS I hate saying the word fringe over and over, so I apologize – ha!)

From there you will spread a small amount of frosting on the top center of the graham cracker to adhere the licorice. Then you’ll add a small amount to the licorice to keep the m&m going.


Simple. Cute and fun!

You can even stick them to another cupcake or insert a stick into the bottom and use them to “pop”. Lots of possibilities! !

Happy Graduation! !

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Please enjoy!

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