Halloween Trivia Print – Lil’ Luna

Halloween Trivia Print – Lil’ Luna

We love games! Almost always when we get together as a family, we try to play games. It gets tough when there are tons of kids running around, but when they’re busy playing, you better believe us adults are trying to squeeze into a card or board game.

We especially love playing games at parties and festivals, but it’s hard to find games that work with a group of people. We’ve always been fans of trivia, and because we love Halloween, we thought a Halloween trivia print that everyone could use at parties would be handy.

The game is designed to match movie characters to descriptions. Not all of our Halloween characters, but definitely creepy ones. The creepiest – Pennywise! I still have nightmares about that scary clown lol!

Whether you know your villain or not, this is a fun, easy game to play at your next Halloween party. Just print it out and play. Super easy!

Download PDF here

Here’s the copy and pasted answer:

Seventh Day Avengers – R – Samara

Precious Obsessive – L – GOLLUM

Beheading Equestrian – E – Headless Horseman

Long Hair Wax Face – P – MICHAEL MYERS

Corpse Parts Unity – FRANKENSTEIN

Evil Clown – I – PENNYWISE

Vicious Doll – D – CHUCKY

Soul Suckers – B – Dementors


Hungry Batwing – G – CREEPER

Chainsaw Welding Maniac – N – LEATHERFACE

The prom ended badly – ​​O – CARRIE

Vampire – Q – DRACULA

Ghost Story Teller – C – CRYPT KEEPER

Silent Whiteface Killer – J – Scream

Goalkeeper Masked Knife – A – Jason

Psychotic Cannibals – F – HANNIBAL

Personification of Death – M – Grim Reaper


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Please enjoy! !

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