Graduation hats and straws

Graduation hats and straws

Hi, it’s me again, Lily!

Today, we have Gavin’s T-ball game. I saw my friend Esther there. Then I asked my mom and dad if I could play with her and they said yes! I had a great time with her. We get dressed, watch movies, eat snacks, and play games. Then, I had to go home and my mom and I did some GAK. I did turquoise, Gavin did green and Evie did pink. What a lot of fun! !

Today, I’m going to show you what my mom and I made last week. You’ll be blown away by the idea – it’s a graduation hat and straw! Did you know that I will be graduating from kindergarten on June 2nd? Then I’m going to first grade! ! You can do this if your child is graduating from any grade. I think they will love them.


Aren’t they fun? !

Here’s what you’ll need to make these graduation hats and straws:


– Striped straws

– construction drawings

– Cutter/Scissors

– Hot glue gun and glue stick

– hole punch

– more straws


1. First cut the straw in half. Also cut out your construction paper. Our lovely square is 2.5″ wide and 3″ x 0.75″ long. We did it in black, but you can use any color. 🙂

2. Then we hot glue the strip into a circle. Then we put that circle on the bottom of our square, add a small amount of hot glue, and hold it there until it dries.

3. Then we added a little more glue, attached the striped straw, and held it there until it was almost dry.

That’s it!

Too easy! !

These are great for graduation:

For the straw:

To make the straws, we just made a hole in the middle of the square and added circles underneath. Straws are perfect for it!

I can’t wait to graduate and sing the song we’ve been practicing. We’re singing three of them – you are my sunshine, sow seeds, and start spreading the news. would be great! !

Hope you like this idea!

love, lily


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Please enjoy!

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