Free Printable Valentine’s Day Placemats | Little Luna

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Placemats | Little Luna

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Placemats – cute ideas for parties or February 14th!

Kids love them!

Hello everyone! It’s Jenny Raulli from Bloom Designs Online, and I’m so excited to be here to share these fun Valentine’s Day placemat prints with you today.

Why not make a special Valentine’s Day meal and make your child’s Valentine’s Day sweet and delicious with these placemats filled with your favorite things?

To customize a placemat for your loved one, fill in your loved one’s name in the “10 Cute Things” section, then add 10 things you think they like. Make sure to sign your name at the bottom of the list. You can then color the rest of the placemat or leave it as is and let your child color it.

Then, fill the menu with fun holiday treats (be sure to check out all of our Valentine’s Day desserts!)

download + print

Don’t feel like you need to stick to reds and pinks. These should reflect your child. Use their favorite color! You and your family can also do this as a group. It’s simple, have each one add a cute trait or two.

To download our printable Valentine’s Day arrangements, click the link below:

Valentine’s Day Placemats Printable

These need to be printed on 11×17 paper, but since they’re black and white, they should only cost a few pennies.

Milk containers and straws can be found here.

Need more Valentine’s Day inspiration? Visit Bloom Designs Online for more free prints like these love cards.


These placemats are dear! So thoughtful and personal! Thanks so much Jenny for sharing these printable placemats with us! ! To see more stunning designs here, head over to Bloom Designs!

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