Free printable lunch box notes + jokes

Free printable lunch box notes + jokes

Give your kids a fun surprise in their lunch box! These free printable lunch box notes and jokes are an easy way to make their day full of energy.

Do you prepare lunch for your children to go to school? If so, here are some lunch box ideas that you can easily complete! While you are doing it, put one of these interesting notes into their lunch box and let them know you are thinking about them.

Have you finally returned to the “School Timetable”? ?

I now feel that we are back to our best condition. The children know that practice…

  • Don’t eat breakfast until they get dressed and made the bed.
  • No backpack ready and no TV before eating breakfast.
  • Wash your hands after school and eat some snacks.
  • Play after finishing homework.
  • Lunch is ready, put in the refrigerator, for the next day to go to school.
  • Clothes for school the next day.

These are just some of the “rules” we have made for this school year. The children have played an active role in fulfilling these responsibilities, which we appreciate. We made most of the rules last year, but this year we made a new rule to let the kids cook their own lunch.

This is something they really like, and of course, this is something we are still monitoring. They are very good at mixing food, and I am proud to say that they will not just fill it with “snacks”. 😉

Mother’s contribution: notes and jokes!

They make lunch every day, and one of our traditions is the “mother’s note” I add every morning.

Yes, I write a note to the children every day! ! Sometimes it’s just a simple “I love you” (if time is running out), but I usually try to write words of encouragement or reminder. If I am really witty, I like to write a joke. 😉

Not sure about you, but school is difficult for children, so words of encouragement are always appreciated. I know this because my kids tell me! In fact, they save their notes every day and never throw them away. I think this is so cute!

Printable lunch box jokes and notes

I think it would be nice to have some free lunch box notes that have been printed out. You can personalize it or add some content…I admit that they are very suitable for use in our time-critical days.

There are several different styles here. I also want to make sure you also have some blank uses!

Click here to download the lunch box instructions above

Click here to download the lunch box joke above

Click here to download the lunch box notes and jokes above

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