Beautiful Fall Mantelpiece Decor | Little Luna

Beautiful Fall Mantelpiece Decor | Little Luna

Assembling a fall mantel is easier than it looks. Add some pumpkins, greenery, garlands and props to add a fall look and you’ll have a beautiful fall mantel decoration in no time.

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Autumn may not be here yet, but it is just around the corner! To help you get ready for a wonderful season, I want to share with you my fall mantel that I recently put together.

It all started when I bought a mantel two years ago when we moved. I love it and use it as the centerpiece of our living room, but realize it’s a bit small. At an antiques market a year later, I found this beautiful thing on it, and although it was blue, broken and beaten, I knew it could be beautiful with a little TLC. I’m glad my husband didn’t object, so we took it home, glued it together, painted it, and even added some slats in the middle. I love how it turns out and being able to change it every holiday and season.

Fall Mantel Decor

Knowing that fall was just around the corner, I went to Michael’s to buy something to help me decorate. Before you pick out your decor, it’s important to know what colors you want to decorate with. There are so many varieties these days – I mean, you can find pink pumpkins! I knew I wanted to stick to classic fall colors and look for oranges, tans, whites, creams, yellows and greens. These are the items I’m usually looking for to make the perfect fall mantel:

  • Pumpkins – all shapes and sizes
  • Greenery – place on the mantel and add color
  • Wreaths – they are simple and add a lot
  • Props – anything that might help give the “feel” or “look” you want
  • Photo Frames – They’re great for displaying pictures and prints (the lovely Happy Fall Print I use can be found here).

I packed as many pumpkins as I could because I know pumpkins are the number one decoration people think of when they imagine fall. From foam to resin, I was able to pick out a few different sizes and colors that would be the perfect addition to my fall mantel. Here are some of my favorites:

From the pictures you can see that I love stacking, layering and bundling the pumpkins. I even keep a few small bags in the old-fashioned pickle jars displayed on the mantelpiece. It’s easy to do, but it adds a lot!

Mantel Decorating Ideas

As I already mentioned above, two other things I like to add are garlands and greenery. I’ve made a lot of wreaths in the past, and the wreath I made for this mantel was made with twine and felt balls. I chose the colors I thought would be the best match and used needle and twine to put the felt ball garland together. I ended up making two different colored wreaths because you can never miss more than one!

I also added some greenery on top to add depth, color and character. I ended up with about 6 stems from the green part to make this “green wreath” and I love how much more can be added with just a few green stems.

Remember – garlands, greenery, frames and props are your best friends for decorating your mantel! The Blessed sign I found at Michael’s was another great addition to our mantel that was simple but added the fall feel I was looking for.

I have a lot of antiques in my house so I wanted to make sure I added them to my mantel too. People always ask me where I got these pieces, but they are mostly found in antique markets and boutiques. Some of the pieces I bought for this mantel include:

  • old fashioned pickle jar
  • vintage window
  • Vintage grey box for storing wood chips
  • vintage barrel

Again, these have been found in random locations over the years, so if you like these vintage pieces, keep an eye out for them as you won’t find them in department stores. 😉

I am so happy to have this happy fall in my house. This makes me happy and excited because the weather will drop and the seasons change! ! Who else likes autumn?

For more premium fall products, be sure to check out Michael’s’ Happy Harvest and Simply Cozy collections. Please enjoy!

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