Affordable Baby Shower Games Free Printable

Affordable Baby Shower Games Free Printable

Hubby helped me create the affordable baby shower game for the shower I helped throw years ago.

This is what we came up with…

Check the bottle and hat! !

That’s right – Shower games for the right price! !

By the way, I’ve been in two shows…never got called, but my friend did. However, you can still see me and my friends in front of the camera. add, I’m going to meet good guy Bob Buck – so much fun!

anyone…that’s your way Play
– Collect 10 baby related items and note the price.
– When everyone has their game sheet, you hold up the item, give them the details and ask them to write their guess on the price.
– Do this for all 10 items.
– Then see who is closest to the actual cost without going over.
– Who has the most correct victory!

it is super fun and simple games Play! !

Download – click here

Also, if you’re looking for another baby shower game, be sure to check out mine:

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