10 Ways to Wear a Striped T-Shirt

10 Ways to Wear a Striped T-Shirt

Hey Lil’ Luna readers! I’m Jezzica (or Jezzy, or Jezz) and I’ve worked at Lil’ Luna for about two and a half years as Kristyn’s assistant! (Best job ever!!) A little about me: I’m from Gilbert, AZ, but currently attending Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah and studying communications, and I’m the middle of two kids The biggest one (technically four if you count the dogs because my lovely mom treats them like kids), I love the outdoors, I love being creative, and I’m a serious frozen yogurt lover . (This is my lovely little family!)

I also firmly believe that I have the best blog assistant job in the world. Most of what I do here is behind the scenes. I’m also in charge of curating posts, but I’m really excited to start doing style posts and tutorials on the blog!

One thing you should know about me is that most of my wardrobe is striped. Shirts, dresses, swimsuits, sweaters, skirts, jackets, you name it, I definitely have stripes. I almost feel like I need to take those shopaholic anonymous quizzes and say “hi, I’m Jezzica and I have a striped fetish”. I’m the queen of striped t-shirts, ask anyone who knows me. But you know what? Stripes are flattering, easy to wear, and versatile! That’s why in this article, I decided to show you 10 different ways to wear a black and white striped tee.

The beauty of the black and white striped tee being so versatile is that you can dress it up or take it off. I put together 10 different styles, casual and formal, using the same striped tee.

1. Denim vest. Denim vests are the perfect layering piece for spring and summer! I love these olive green jeans.

2. Jeans and sandals. Throwing on a pair of jeans and some cute sandals and your striped tee is simple and still cute. Perfect for a relaxing day at the park or running errands.

3. Flannel. This is one of my personal favorites. The great thing about flannel is that you can unbutton them on your T-shirt, or if the weather is warm, you can tie it around your waist. Feel free to complete this look with a messy bun or top knot. 😉

4. Shorts and sandals. Shorts and sandals are always a good option when the weather is warm. I like to tuck the front of the t-shirt into the side of denim shorts, or even tuck it into high-waisted shorts!

5. Chambray shirts. Like flannel, chambray shirts can be unbuttoned or tied around the waist. It’s cute with black jeans or a crop, or you can opt for denim with a denim outfit.

6. Black heels. Whether you’re pairing it with black or blue jeans, wearing black heels will take it from casual to sophisticated. The choice of accessories also helps determine the level of casual or sophisticated.

7. Solid color skirt. It doesn’t matter what color, but black and white with a little pop of color is fun.

8. Blazers. Wear a blazer over your tee with some jeans and heels for the perfect smart casual look. Any color blazer will do, but I love this pink one! Again, lovely colorful pops.

9. Floral skirt. Another personal favorite. I’m a huge fan of mixed patterns and the stripes with flowers are one of the best! I have a colorful floral pencil skirt that I love to wear to church with a black and white striped tee and some brown wedges. It’s so satisfying to find the perfect mix of blend modes. 😉

10. Jeans and ankle boots. I think it’s a happy medium between casual and sophisticated, not to mention super easy to put together. I love wearing this type of clothing on low key dates, even when I’m out running errands. It’s good for both.

So if you don’t have the perfect black and white striped tee to wear every day, go out and get one! This is life changing. 😉 I hope you like it, and I’m excited to start posting more of these from here! !



Love this, Jez! Striped T-shirts are so versatile! I think I need a statistic. 😉

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