10 kinds of simple Mexican desserts traditional + creative

10 kinds of simple Mexican desserts traditional + creative

Try one of these Mexican dessert recipes in your next Mexican main course! The series includes traditional and simple desserts.

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Mexican sweets

Thanks to the amusement park and bazaar, one of the most famous Mexican desserts is cinnamon sugar fritters.

In addition, it is difficult for many people to think of their favorite Mexican food, but there are many delicious dishes to choose from.

Don’t let unfamiliar names frighten you. They are very simple to make and will put a perfect end to your Mexican themed meals. Each recipe contains tips and tricks to help ensure you get the perfect dessert every time.

Traditional desserts

Traditional desserts

These Mexican dessert recipes are traditional favorites!

Cakes, sweet drinks, puddings, and even ice cream! All of these will pair well with traditional Mexican main dishes, side dishes and appetizers.

Dessert Fried Ice Cream Recipe

Crispy on the outside and slippery and slippery on the inside-fried ice cream is the best dessert! This is the flavor bomb in your mouth, and it is also such an interesting and unique hospitality idea.

Total time: 4 hours and 17 minutes

Check out this recipe for dessert Arroz Con Leche recipe

Classic Arroz Con Leche-a sweet rice pudding cooked with milk, evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk, topped with cinnamon.

Total time: 40 minutes

Check out this recipe dessert Sopapilla recipe

Fry the fluffy and soft sopapillas to perfection and drizzle with honey. Sprinkle a little powdered sugar on this simple Mexican dessert!

Total time: 35 minutes

Check out this recipe to drink Mexican hot chocolate recipe

Roll up a good book, blanket and this Mexican hot chocolate. A cup of cozy hot chocolate, you will be attracted by its delicious spices and delicious cinnamon cocoa flavor!

Total time: 30 minutes

Check out this recipe Drink Horchata recipe

A creamy, refreshing, cinnamon-flavored drink that will surprise your socks! This is festive and suitable for any occasion.

Check out this recipe dessert Tres Leches cake recipe

This simple Tres Leches cake recipe is a cool dessert made from a delicious sponge cake, a cream mixture of three different milks, and homemade whipped cream. Eat Tres Leches cake with fresh fruits to make desserts more refreshing!

Total time: 50 minutes

Check out this recipe for dessert fritters recipe

Delicious, homemade, fried fritters covered with cinnamon and sugar are a family favorite! When it reminds you of the happiest place on earth, it’s hard not to like this delicacy!

Look at this recipe

Simple dessert

Simple mexican dessert

These desserts are delicious and simple! They either only involve few ingredients, or they are good and can be made quickly. They all have Mexican flavors, such as cinnamon, which you like.

Appetizing Cinnamon Chips Recipe

The perfect baked snack that can be dipped in desserts, frosting, salsa and more! Super easy to make a bunch, with your favorite dessert dipping sauce!

Total time: 15 minutes

Check out this recipe for dessert Mexican wedding cookies recipe

Super simple Mexican wedding cookies with almonds in every bite, soft and buttery! These powdered sugar cookies are your new favorite.

Total time: 1 hour 21 minutes

Check out this recipe for dessert Churro Cheesecake Bars Recipe

The crispy and delicious Churro cheesecake sticks are covered with cinnamon and sugar, and have a sweet cream cheese layer.

Total time: 35 minutes

Check out this recipe Dessert Angel Food Cake Churro Bites Recipe

The delicious and simple angel cake Churro Bites is a delicious sugar and cinnamon coated with glaze that the whole family will love!

Total time: 10 minutes

Check out this recipe for dessert Sopapilla cheesecake recipe

This decadent dessert is inspired by Mexican cuisine-sopapillas! All the flavors of deep-fried dough and cream cheesecake are combined to make these decadent Sopapilla cheesecake bars.

Total time: 40 minutes

Check out this recipe to drink peach mango smoothie recipe

A delicious 5-ingredient smoothie, perfect for breakfast or a refreshing drink on a hot summer day. With peaches, mangoes, peach yogurt, orange peach mango juice, it tastes absolutely delicious!

Total time: 5 minutes

Look at this recipe

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