Sanya opens in Dubai

Sanya opens in Dubai

Mitsu-Ya, a sushi bar and izakaya from Beirut, opens its first international branch in Dubai

Located within the Ritz-Carlton DIFC, Mitsu-Ya welcomes diners to indulge in a bespoke dining experience featuring authentic Japanese cuisine. The name Mitsu-Ya is formed from the founder’s name Mitsu Arai and the word “Ya”, which means “house” in Japanese. So it translates to mean you are dining at the chef’s house, the omakase way.

Diners are greeted by staff dressed in intricate traditional geisha uniforms as they step into an environment featuring wooden and bamboo elements, adorned with oriental details throughout. The minimalist destination offers a few seats at the Chef’s Bar, where diners can look forward to an omakase experience (a meal consisting of a chef’s choice of dishes). Here, the chef prepares each dish to the liking of those sitting at the counter, carefully crafting each plate prior to presentation, while offering his knowledge and vision of the craft. Expect dishes like Otoro tuna and buttered Hamachi, as well as typical grilled or marinated fish and vegetables in the form of nigiri, sashimi, and more.

For those who prefer to experience Miya on an à la carte basis, the izakaya menu offers a seamless blend of niche ingredients and delicious dishes. You can choose from Asari Clam Soup, Green Tea Crab Noodles, Popcorn Shrimp in Mitsu-ya Sauce, Kinoke sauté with earthy mushrooms mixed in a buttery soy glaze.

Heartier options will have you feasting on a bowl of soy sauce ramen and beef dan dan noodles; mains include grilled octopus with sautéed potatoes in an onion sauce and wagyu sirloin, served with a well-balanced yakiniku sauce and yuzu mashed potatoes, spread over a fluffy of multigrain rice.

Choose from high-quality native Japanese fermented rice wine, Japanese hops and homemade beverages or refreshing non-alcoholic beverages to complement your meal. Finally, indulge in the signature green tea fudge served with a mouth-watering scoop of vanilla ice cream; or the decadent Mitsu-Ya Chocolate Parfait.

Lunch Monday-Saturday 12-3:30pm and dinner 6:30-12pm. Visit Instagram.

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