Enjoy the mango season with Mohalla’s new summer menu

Enjoy the mango season with Mohalla’s new summer menu

In the heart of the bustling Dubai Design District, famed Indian hotspot Mohalla has launched a new summer menu featuring mangoes

The mango season is the most exciting part of summer in India as it heralds the start of the season and is known as the king of fruits in the country. Every Indian family has a special mango place, and in summer it is a tradition for families to gather in the evenings to cut ripe mangoes and enjoy them together.

Mango lovers need to head to Mohalla, where Chef Adwait Anantwar and his culinary team use the delicious fruit to create a special summer menu featuring five unique dishes to satisfy your mango cravings.

New mango-focused dishes include kairi gosht, a lamb dish cooked in raw mango and coconut sauce, and served with raw mango risotto. Inspired by Chef Adwait’s childhood travels to his friend’s farm in India, where he would climb mango trees to pick fresh fruit for his grandmother and make mango curry with jackfruit, Kairi Gosht is an interpretation of his grandmother’s summer dishes.

Another delicious summer dish is rava fried sea bass, which consists of fried sea bass fillets coated in semolina, served with spiced raw mango kachumber and Indian pickled spiced mango confit. Chef Adwait was inspired by the pickles that are prepared in Indian homes during the summer.

The menu also includes keema samosa chaat, a patty stuffed with lamb keema, mashed and topped with sweet yogurt, chutney and raw mango.

For dessert, Chef Adwait uses fresh Alphonso mangoes, paired with cream and biscuits to create a rich, delicious mango cake, a must-have for those with an appetite. Plus, mango pineapple puree with ice, lime zest, and a pinch of chili powder is the ideal summer pick-me-up.

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