Impress your partner with a fun date night with Go!spaghetti

Impress your partner with a fun date night with Go!spaghetti

As the weather warms, more couples are choosing to date at home. This is the local pasta expert Go! Pasta has launched a special date night combo that will undoubtedly spice up your evening

go! Pasta’s new launch includes three different combinations, First Date, Hot Date and Blind Date.

Each combination has a lively and fun activity to keep the conversation going. With a blind date combo, you’ll have to wait and see what dishes you’ll receive as it doesn’t specify them. You and your partner can take advantage of the blindfold included in the set to try and identify the mystery meal for a fun twist.

For a little variety and to help you get to know your partner better, First Date Combo and Hot Date Combo also include unique personalized quiz cards.

Appetizers and entrees for couples have a variety of delicacies to choose from, such as garlic bread, mozzarella frittata balls, mushroom risotto, as well as arrabbiata rigatoni, truffle papa Alfredo, pesto pasta and gnocchi Sun-dried tomatoes, etc. Every time you taste, you will feel like you have been transported to the picturesque alleys of Italy.

You can order these combos from Deliveroo now, starting at AED 100, and get ready to wow your partners.

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