Chef Federico Bartoli adds exciting new dishes to Monno’s menu

Chef Federico Bartoli adds exciting new dishes to Monno’s menu

Monno presents a wide range of innovative dishes, prepared using state-of-the-art cooking methods, while maintaining a connection with the precious Italian culinary traditions

Monno’s new dishes have been carefully selected by Italian Chef Federico Bartoli to capture the essence of Italian cuisine while remaining authentic and respectful of ingredients and traditions.

A new addition to the menu, “Arctic Circle” is an arctic charred carpaccio marinated in smoked butter and presented in a haze circle to symbolize the cold conditions of the Arctic. We marinate and smoke the fish in-house to give it a wonderful flavour and aroma that is pleasing to the eye,” explains Chef Federico.

Another innovative meal is “Il Cervo tra la Neve”, a venison tartare with red currant tomato sauce, truffle snow and nachos inspired by deer grazing in the wilderness.

Plus, the new “Italian Bread” offers soft artisan olive oil bread with goose salami, green apple mayo and Lolo Verde lettuce – a reflection of the traditional sandwich-style snack you’ll get on the streets of Italy — and created in response to Dubai’s love of burgers.

True Italian style, the menu also includes authentic pizzas and pastas. “Fruti di Mare” pizza, made with San Marzano DOP tomato sauce, garlic, squid, shrimp, tomato sauce, olives, extra virgin olive oil and oregano, “Riso, Guancia e Balsamico” by Castelmani Made with aubergine cheese, slow-cooked beef cheeks and vinaigrette beef gravy are also new additions. For something a little different, try “Carbonara di Tonno” – homemade pasta with bottarga butter and smoked tuna belly.

The new dessert “Latte & Miele”, which translates to “milk and honey”, combines classic flavours with a modern presentation using honey parfait and cappuccino foam.

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