Reserve your spot and enjoy a unique Portuguese-Japanese culinary experience

Reserve your spot and enjoy a unique Portuguese-Japanese culinary experience

Celebrated chefs José Avillez and Ross Shonhan team up to offer diners a spectacular Portuguese-Japanese fusion menu

Dubai’s renowned chefs JosĂ© Avillez and Netsu’s Ross Shonhan have teamed up with Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah to create a limited-edition tasting menu that brings together the best of their respective restaurants for two nights only.

This exquisite event will celebrate Portugal’s far-reaching influence on Japanese cuisine, a fusion of flavors that began many years ago. In 1543, a ship carrying three Portuguese sailors was blown off course and ended up in Tanegashima, Japan. For nearly 100 years after that, the Portuguese influenced every aspect of Japanese life, establishing trading ports for commodities such as corn, peppers and soap.

Of these, the one that probably left the most lasting impression was Peixinhos da horta, a pan-fried green bean recipe. Today, in Japan, it’s called tempura, and it’s been a staple of the country’s cuisine ever since.

Chefs José Avillez and Ross Shonhan work closely together to express the signature flavours of their own cuisine; the innovative menu encourages diners to explore the inner connection between Japanese and Portuguese cuisines and enjoy the edgy textures and Unique flavor of flavor.

Expect Oyster Teriyaki in vilão sauce, Red Shrimp Junkan Sushi and Chicken, First Tempura, Bulhão pato Clams with Japanese Fermented Rice Drink, Hamachi nanban zuke, Rabbit Curry Pot and Castella – “pão de ló de chá verde” ( green tea sponge cake).

Portuguese and Japanese tasting menus will be available at Netsu on May 17th and Tasca on May 18th.

May 17th at Netsu and May 18th at Tasca from 6:30pm. AED650 per person (including grape pairing). Call +9714 777 2222 or email Visit Instagram: Netsu and Tasca.

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