Homegrown Dubai burger brand High Joint has launched in Riyadh

Homegrown Dubai burger brand High Joint has launched in Riyadh

Dubai-born burger brand High Joint now offers delivery in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The Dubai-based burger brand High Joint went overseas for the first time and officially launched its takeaway business in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Residents of the Saudi capital can now choose from a selection of High Joint burgers, which can be ordered through Chefz and Hunger Station delivery platforms.

From the humble beginnings of the burger revolution three years ago when three food-loving Emiratis started a small hole in Al Manara in Dubai, UAE, to international growth, this move represents the brand’s first step outside the UAE .

Now in Riyadh, High Joint is serving up the brand’s most coveted and best-selling fresh meat pies, all made with high-quality Angus and free of any harmful substances such as antibiotics and hormones. On the menu, you’ll find delights like High jamz, Double high, Kingshroom, High burger, High chicken, Spicy mango and Halloumi katsu.

High jamz is a fan favorite, served with halal bacon sauce, crispy fried shallots and American cheese, and the Double high burger also offers double beef patties, double American cheese, diced onions and homemade mustard on a buttery baked potato bun. Don’t forget the classic premium burger with tomato, onion, lettuce and the signature house-made ranch and honey mustard.

Fried chicken burgers follow, with the ever-popular Spicy Mango Salad with Buffalo Sauce Fried Chicken with Pepper Jack Cheese, Jalapenos and the infamous Sour Mango Coleslaw, or High Chicken – Homemade Fried Chicken Ranch and Honey Wasabi is served with crunchy shredded iceberg lettuce, and the Halloumi katsu burger is a delightful vegetarian option.

High Joint, with a reputation for pushing boundaries in burgers, is committed to delivering high-quality, delicious ingredients, with burgers made from 100% fresh, 100% GMO and antibiotic-free premium ingredients with premium quality cuts ground in-house; People in Riyadh can now enjoy the same treatment.

Visit the website or Instagram. High Joint in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is available through The Chefz and Hunger Station delivery platforms.

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