Why Do People Prefer Home Cooked Food?

The main reason I prefer home-cooked meals is its the way I show love. I love to cook for people I care about and feeding something to someone and watching them be so happy, satisfying their hunger need but also really enjoying the food I cooked is super rewarding.

Cooking at home not only helps you pick your own ingredients, but it helps you manage your own portions. The large portions people eat at restaurants can lead to “greater incidences of obesity, high-cholesterol and heart disease.” How many times have you been served an enormous platter of food and felt the need to finish it all?

Really, cooking at home means you’ll get to enjoy the comfort of your own place. This can help stir up more intimate conversations with your boyfriend, girlfriend, parents or roommates. 7 It’s fun and gives you something to brag about. Go ahead and brag to your friends about the amazing dishes you can now cook!

In the long run, preparing meals at home may save you money. A group of basic ingredients often comes in at a lower price tag than a single restaurant dish. You can also end up getting more meals out of a recipe you make at home than if you order takeout, or have leftovers to take to work the next day.

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